cfchart> can implement charts as images in JPG or PNG format, as well as Flash , and – the focus of this chapter – JS/CSS/HTML. In versions of ColdFusion from. Use the cfchart tag in ColdFusion to display a bar, pie, line, or other coldfusion cfchart sizing issues Coldfusion – Charts for Email Saving Blank Files. on a migration to Cold Fusion we are having issues with the charts. We can generate the chart but the image is too small. It looks like it is adding white.

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You could build your own chart GUI tags coldfusiom simplify the refactor, depending on how dependent the code is on cfchart. James A Mohler 7, 12 32 Added style and title attributes.

Newest ‘cfchart’ Questions – Stack Overflow

Using the scales attribute. URL to open if the user clicks item in a cfcchart series; cfcahrt onClick destination page. All cfchartdata item attribute values must numeric.

As a very minimal example:. Number of units by which to display the chart as angled, horizontally. A struct of keys related to fill such as: Generates the the graph as vfchart data and assigns it to the specified variable. Added the xAxisType and yAxisType attributes. The cfchartseries tag defines the style in which data displays: This tag also allows you to specify the type of graph you want to build, such as a line graph or a pie graph.


Applies to chartseries type attribute values line, curve and scatter. Brian Fleishman 1 11 The axis indicates the data category. Hexadecimal value or supported named color.

File format in which to save graph. ColdFusion provides default styles for each type of chart, but you can override the style using your own style file. View Help PDF adobe.

Adobe ColdFusion * cfchart

Following is the simple code to generate the chart in CF9 which I have written earlier. The cfchartdata tag defines a data point. It might seem like the JavaScript is complicated, but it boils down to a call to zingchart.

Here is my code: But something funny is going on here. For unlicensed developmental purposes ZingCharts is fully-functional, but includes a watermark, which is removed once a licence is applied. Number of grid lines to display on the value axis, including axis; positive integer. To convert the above chart to 3D chart, all you need to do is specify the show3d attribute as true within the cfchart tag, as shown in the following example.

Graphing Your Data with CFCHART

Specify the structure name in the attributeCollection attribute and use the tag’s attribute names as structure keys. In such a chart, you need a URL from which the chart tries to get latest data at a specified interval.

However we will simply use ZingCharts directly. Using the zoom attribute. The following code is the chart code and it is giving an error.


Two series line chart. Data is sorted according to the clodfusion attribute. You can use the name value in the cffile tag to write the chart to a file.

I was trying to run my charts in CF11 which I had already created in CF9 but it seems that coldfusion 11 has major changes done in chart engine and Adobe has not considered backward compatibility for charts.

As a very minimal example: The styling is not exactly the same, but that’s colddusion to ColdFusion using different “default” styling than ZingCharts does.

Hex value or supported named ccfchart see name list in the Usage section. After we did an update to CF11, a few things just disappeared or do not URL to open if the user clicks item in a data series; the onClick destination page.

Use the following cfm file to create a line chart: Changed documentation to state that the fontSize attribute can accept a number that is not an integer. Frank Tudor 2, 1 17 Applies to chartseries type attribute cfhcart linecurve and scatter.

Defines the angle of the bevel. Create your first basic chart using the code sample below: