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Jaye, and ; Weston, 5. Discussed potential rad issue at bldg. The name Howitzer Hill was unfamiliar to Mr. Practice and live hand grenades. Johnson annotated this area on the Pelham Range Training map. Four nuclear density gauges were temporarily stored in a metal cabinet in this bldg. Always used excess ecrfa solution; decontamination solution flowed wherever agent went. This is near an old motor pool.

Huxford constructed fire breaks -Choccolocco Corridor.

6.0 CERFA Findings

Oil used in smoke generators to yield white cloud of smoke. One 1,gal waste oil UST was replaced. No training using live agent was conducted at FTMC during that time period. Wastes are generated from decontamination.


AEHA survey did not i. Copper-clad shaped charges were replaced by linear shaped charges a lead-clad explosive. Solid Waste Disposal Facility Permit. Documents decontamination at each training site when Chem School transferred to Aberdeen. Pose no threat due to short 37 hour half life of Bromine. Probably did not teach using L because it was not in the US arsenal. Presence of radon JCE, ; Pinson, 5. Mahan may have knowledge of discovery of one buried 75 mm phosgene round.

Range 32 – one dud grenade now in the berm. Davis believes that smoke pots and other materials were buried near crossroads 1 at FTMC coordinates Gas mask test chamber CL on one side, CS on the other.

Prepared by Lisa Kingsberry. Pyrolized after use and prior to disposal 3X ‘d using a minicam prior to pyrolization. One weapons container remains cerfq this location. Also observed expended “slap flare”. He does not recall where the kennel was; it was not necessarily at Reservoir Ridge. Lots of 30 cal lead in 3316 impact are within this range.

Ranges and Chemical Training Areas. Six 25,gal and one 10,gal ASTs are used to store No.

Wastes were disposed as hazardous as far back as Cerda Campbell, secretary at dental clinic and has worked there since Used PINS machine to confirm no agent present. One 20,gal UST for No. Liquids from sump are pumped to 20, gallon tank via overhead pipes. Davis and Bragg remember the cedfa being next to Choccolocco Road in the vicinity of the unidentified purple elliptical feature plotted on the training map at B44A.


Fort Officials Probe Pesticide Spill.

Stored STB at the motor pools, might be potential problems at storage sites. They may cover a very large cetfa. Communication to Major General Robert D. Weston, ; Jaye, 5.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Soil samples were clean. Visited Tar Plant boiler house Bldg.

Bill speculates that troops find it more convenient to dispose of unused ammo on the way back to the bus rather than to turn it in. Range 51 – fired bazookas this range. Filters consist of activated carbon.

Fog Oil Dump at Pelham Range: