Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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Some companies are really good at making boards that run conventional lighting fixtures.

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Today I am lighting a show for People magazine. Control is returned from the latter two programs to the main sequencer where the scanning for received commands, memory checksum failures and communications address changes processing resumes. However, an actual stage performance may require several hundred of such lamp units.

Also, because of the simultaneous transmission of messages to all lamp units, lamp units added to the system do not result in proportionately slower rate of transmission as was typical with prior systems. As noted above, the nonvolatility of the memory is provided by battery RAM memory backup. Because of the many operational features of the lamp units, there is provided a logical control program for each of the physical functions of the lamp unit.

If the index is not found in the file, the record is added to the file. In processing a high level command, each lamp unit processor requires no interaction with the other lamp units, or with the console.

The rotation of the appropriate console navigatoor by the operator is effective to cause a corresponding rotation of the appropriate stage lamp. The driving terminals of amplifier are connected to the terminals of motor According to the example, the command received from the console is found to be a manual-controlled channel-selector-map command.

A table of address which guide the lamp unit processor to interrupts is also modified to reflect the presence of interrupt response routines in the additional programs.

A group of key switches provide function of preset color selection. In this manner, and in contrast to prior console switch systems, electrical switch contacts for carrying lamp power are not required.

Blue Room technical forum: celco navigator – Blue Room technical forum

And they work great. The switch input sensing program is again entered, whereupon a comparison of the scanning maps indicates a change in the switch state. With the foregoing in mind, the console will be described next in connection with the functions of the processor system.


These situations generally arise during operation of the console where the operators acknowledgement or assistance is required to resolve a problem. I can sit down and within half an hour figure out the basics and how to write enough cues to punt through a show. Another controller 84 is a control device as disclosed in U. In certain circumstances, the console switches can be activated by the operator faster than the corresponding messages can be transmitted in accordance with their respective response routines.

This new value is now stored as the new position of the lamp unit, whereupon the position logical controller returns to the command interpreter. The bidirectional bus 80 provides data communication between and among the control console 24 and an alternate control console 84, another control console 82 and remote control units The main sequencer continues until the lamp button pressed for manual control is released.

The system 20 is operated to provide a sequence of “cues” for illuminating the stage The data link 26 is connected to a control signal converter 63 which, like converter 62, transforms the digital signals received through the link 26 into analog control signals for directing the operation of color changers A further parameter control circuit is shown in FIG. Control from the state data manager program is then returned to the endless loop of the main sequencer.

This program calculates the direction of change called for by the new command data, as well as the appropriate magnitude of the voltage to be applied to the servomotor. The control function is provided by a plurality of units which include the console In addition, the character display control program translates display data from the format used by the console system into a sequence of commands for the alpha-numeric display devices. The command interpreter program then jumps to the associated command response routine.

Each lamp unit processor recalculates the balance of the recalled cue information based on the individual involvement with the cue. In response to an interrupt, the status of a lamp is requested, and retrieved.

A bulb power supply has various interrupt and acknowledge states which are also transmitted to the interface and timer circuit There is further provided a floppy disk drive for reading and writing conventional floppy diskettes. This electrical interference can interfere with the data transmission from the console to the lamps and can cause the lamps to improperly respond.


The exception display program usurps command of one of the alpha-numeric display devices located on the front panel of cflco console for drawing attention thereto of the operator. The output of invertor is connected to one such line driver Lastly, there is provided a switch lamp control subsidiary program.

The Manchester encoder bi-directionally communicates with the communications controller and also transmits and receives data to and from the data link The overall control of the console 24 is carried out by a central processing unit CPU Command response routines may activate one or more other program associated with this level of lamp unit processing.

All lamp units will receive the broadcast message and determine cdlco applicability of the message to the particular lamp unit. It is very possible to require ten of thousands of commands during a single performance. Ceoco in for more lists.

The switch is again identified, as noted above, and the associated response routine is activated. In the event the lamp is already under manual control, the depression of the switch would have the effect felco removing the lamp of unit from manual control.

The file manager program performs the three functions for the cue upload response routine, as described above.

celco navigator – Blue Room technical forum

Other implementations of bidirectional bus 80 are possible, including a Local Area Network and a point-to-point data link between the control console 24 and a single alternate control console. A checksum test is performed and identifiers in the programs are matched with the actuator configuration input noted above.

The secondary of transformer is connected to the noninverting input of an amplifier Lamp processor system includes a network of clock, control and power lines not shown which are routinely required for the operation of a microprocessor circuit.

Until nsvigator time as the new lamp unit position is reached, the hardware interrupts and servomotor control recalculations are interspersed with the actions of the main sequencer’s endless loop.

The type of data appearing in this message is described in more detail below in connection with the lamp processor system.