The CDM Regulations came into force on 6 April and aimed to: Encourage everyone to work CDM Regulations · HSE CDM ACoP (L) . HSE: Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM ): Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) (). Related Content. CDM Approved Code of Practice (ACoP). Legislation. This topic relates to the CDM regulations which were revoked when CDM

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Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

Pre-construction information PCI provides information for planning and for the construction phase plan. However, if a health and safety file exists for a structure involved in a non-notifiable project, this file must be updated.

Principal Contractor PC if a 20077 involves more than one contractor. At the time CDM was introduced the Regulations were debated in Parliament4 and a commitment was given by the then Government to carry out an early review.

CDM Approved Code of Practice (ACoP)

Inas part of the review, HSE commissioned an independent baseline study3. They are backed up by a number of stated principles9 at the heart of Government policy on regulation, including: In your opinion, are the designer duties clearer? Given the various background considerations, the desire to improve standards in the SME sector and reduce bureaucracy across the industry a more comprehensive revision of CDM is proposed.

Do you agree with this approach? The client controls the duration, budget and appointment of other parties.

The main findings were:. Do you agree with the analysis of the impacts including costs and benefits on commercial projects presented in the IA? HSE believes that this will have no adverse effects on health and safety.


The technical standards have remained effectively unchanged. The physical safeguards that applied to all construction sites remained, for the time being, in the raft of Factories Act era regulations dating back to the s. The carrying out of any building, civil engineering or engineering construction work and includes:. When carrying out demolition, regulation 29 requires those in control of the work to produce a written plan showing how danger will be prevented. This is a Cabinet Office led initiative seeking comments from the public on all Government regulations.

Replacing the ACoP with targeted guidance 7. The initial notification happens as soon as possible after appointment of the CDM coordinator.

HSE believes this would be a proportionate approach. The regulations are intended to focus attention on planning and management and to ensure that health and safety considerations are treated as an essential part of the project and not an afterthought or bolt on extra.

If the construction work involves some of the above, the overlap between the construction and non construction work should be addressed in the management arrangements and the construction phase plan.

Existing Health and Safety files must be modified files for structures undergoing modifications. Construction Design and Management Regulations These changes are significant and should be read acopp conjunction with the HSE document.

The following two issues in. The pre-construction information may include indexed drawings, reports, surveys, etc.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations – Wikipedia

A health and safety file HSF is required only on notifiable projects. Please provide comments if you wish. CDM changes the notification threshold to cover projects lasting more than 30 working days and having more than 20 workers working simultaneously at any point in the projects; or exceeding person-days.


The ACoP came into force in April They came into force on April 6, and replaced a predecessor as amended in and Health and Safety regulations. Non-notifiable projects are those that are likely to take less than 30 days of construction time. Construction phase plans CPP or CPHP must contain health and safety management systems and arrangements, and risk assessments and method statements for initial work activities.

Do you think that these general duties on designers would be effective in considering relevant health and safety risks during subsequent construction work?

HSE believes that this approach will be more easily understood by small or medium sized employers than the current one set out cxm CDM This page was last edited on 23 Marchat HSE believes that there is a need to bring the pre-construction coordination function into the project team that is in control of the pre-construction phase. The CDM coordinator needs the client’s support and input to work effectively.

Is this approach acceptable to you? The client’s legal duties are:.

The Government has clearly stated policies on the introduction of new regulations.