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The time lapsed between an emergency arising and initial treatment is one of the main factors involved in ensuring good quality healthcare in response to an emergency. What criteria were applied given that Italy was allocated funding for five projects and Slovakia did not receive funding for any projects?

The more aid the bank has received, normally measured as a percentage of its risk weighted assets, the bigger the restructuring needed. Does the Commission know exactly how these programmes are administered in Greece, i. La Commissione non ritiene che tale algoritmo crei un rischio serio per la salute dei cittadini? Given that preparations for the International Year of Family Farming must begin well in advance, can the Commission state:.

This is a hidden issue that results in thousands of children losing contact not only with one of the two parents, but also with their relatives on that side of the family. There is hence no credible alternative to a growth-friendly fiscal consolidation that is differentiated across countries, depending on their circumstances.

This biotech industry mutant is particularly dangerous because it would smooth the way for other transgenic fish and meat varieties. The EU’s strategy for the Horn of Africa. Uit de informatie die is verstrekt, kan niet worden afgeleid wanneer de nieuwe leges van toepassing zullen worden. Mortalidad a causa de las privatizaciones en Europa del Este. Misuse of corporate power by the Spanish state. The Romanian authorities were apparently recently informed of this through an official letter regarding the initiation of enforcement procedures, but this was not made public.

The Chilean State must endeavour to apply justice with equality and not use the rule of law to maintain land occupations contrary to international law. There are instances where the instruments used to achieve the renewable energy targets have not been efficient, in particular certain national renewable energy support schemes.

In the future programming period the Commission will encourage the regional authorities of Podkarpackie to strengthen support for areas suffering from severe structural deficiencies. Falta de transparencia en las decisiones sobre el rescate financiero. The epidemiological situation is also discussed regularly at the meetings of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health. In its Annual Growth Survey AGSthe Commission is advocating a balanced approach to ensuring fiscal sustainability, macro-financial stability and to engender sustainable growth and jobs.


Nevertheless, questions have been raised concerning the use of existing European organisations and their cooperation with the European Commission, particularly in making decisions on research strategy and planning in these fields. Given that the absorption rate of EU funds in Romania is far below the expectations of Romanian citizens, that part of the funds are suspended because of corruption, that access to information regarding the use of EU funds is precarious and some information is even hidden from the beneficiaries:.

How much funding will be provided from the European Union in as part of support for peacebuilding efforts, and what percentage will be earmarked for Chin State?

Major reduction in the funding of science in Spain. Authorisation for genetically modified fish. Additionally, the road transport inspectorate plans to put a system in place to measure average speeds along stretches of road. A similar procedure for amoxicillin-only medicinal products is expected to start in Hence, regulations are currently in force ensuring the safe behaviour of electric vehicles as a whole and also of batteries as a component. Valutazione dell’affidamento condiviso a livello europeo.

Does the Commission believe that price capping will help to regulate milk prices and the milk market in Cyprus? Il documento tecnico presentato dalla direzione generale Salute e Consumatori DG Sanco della Commissione Europea porta a una sottostima sistematica dei tassi di pesticidi residui rilevati sugli alimenti, imponendo di dimezzare, in caso di incertezza, il valore minore rilevato.

First and foremost, it is important that these data accurately reflect the significant downturn experienced by some countries, such as Portugal, which has seen a successive decline in GDP, particularly in some less developed regions. The article indicates that greenhouse gas emissions can also be reduced by using fossil fuels more efficiently and switching from coal to gas.

Have any Member States negotiated derogations on the inclusion of nappies in the reduced VAT rate band, i. The Commission is aware of organisations that safeguard parent-child relations fexter the event of a separation, such as The International Social Service, as a result of the consultations it conducts concerning its rights-of-the-child policy.

At this moment, the Commission has no reason to believe that the Spanish authorities will not comply with the Court’s datalogo. The Commission understands that efforts are now underway to find political solutions to key issues such as the restitution of ancestral lands, water and other rights. Portuguese flag at the Eurogroup meeting. In addition, it contains actions aimed at reinforcing research efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance.

The text announces that strict conditions will be imposed on the functioning of the bank sector, at least for the banks that have vatalogo evaluated, but it leaves many questions unanswered:.


The Commission would like to reassure the Honourable Member that the algorithms used for interpreting measurements of pesticide residues do not present a risk for consumers. Based on its assessment, the Commission will take, in due time, all appropriate steps if needed to ensure that Hungary fully respects EC law, including its commitments enshrined fested the Accession Treaty.

In dat kader de volgende vragen:.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

From the information available on the website of the European Judicial Network, many Member States have made provision for joint custody, which, if rigorously applied, cattalogo be extremely beneficial for the children. It will also touch upon other obstacles, which ee rolling-out of advanced ICT-based productoa technologies for road transport and mobility.

His activism drove him to carry out actions that would place him at risk, and in the FBI arrested him — but released him without charges — for publishing public court documents for which payment was required on a website. According to media reports, his lawyer does not have access to all the important documents, which makes defending him nearly impossible.

The Commission has highlighted on several occasions the need for Croatia to further stimulate investments, enhance the business environment, and improve the competitiveness of the Croatian economy.

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Teilt die Kommission die Bedenken gegen mutierten Lachs? Does the Commission have plans to contribute to the restoration of the cemetery through the funds allocated to the Bi-Communal Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage? Is the Commission taking account of the aforementioned study when drawing up its specific recommendations for the Member States?

Bulgarian and Romanian citizens entering the UK. Can the Commission indicate how other Member States apply this regulation, and if the regulation has the same impact on organic beekeeping in these countries as it does in Denmark? Could the Commission intervene to prevent the administrative authorisation from being issued, bearing in mind the repercussions on the aforementioned SCIs and SPA? Nevertheless, the Commission closely monitors the development of the milk market in EU. De Commissie is van mening dat er een verschil is tussen deze situatie en die in de zaak Piatkowski.

Potential for a serious negative impact on medical and scientific research of the Data Protection Regulation.