Please note that north is indicated on the maps (two maps, because of their size and aspect, have been rotated to better fit the constraints of this book). However. This is the third expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon adventure. In this adventure, the characters are catapulted to a. Castle of the Mad Archmage is a lot of fun, let’s get that out in the open first. It’s a big layer cake maze of monsters and treasures and tricks and.

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In addition, a print version is being published this year kad Black Blade Publishing that will include all-new surface and level 1 maps and encounters. This would only cause a delay in completion. The adventure will be designed using the Adventures Dark and Deep rules, but will be compatible with most other old-school rules systems, 1E, etc.

Up until now, it’s only been archmagr in pdf format. That leader happened to be a barbarian from the Northlands according to the adventure. When there was time, I could change the single-line encounter entries or expand them easily. Josh said that it must be the troll staging point, before realising how stupid that was.


This he was successful in, but still the party were able to slaughter the bugbears before they reached their main chamber, only to find it empty. There is a reward for doing it right, punishment for doing it wrong, and punishment for greed, but no reason I can see that it is there in the first place. Musicland standard edition A standard print-on-demand edition of the book, plus the pdf version.

Dell’Orto September 9, at Numenetics 3, 19 If there isn’t, that only magnifies the question. It’s not protecting anything, it’s not leading to somewhere, and it’s just a weird use of power to test, what, if we know what a rainbow color progression is? The original Castle of the Mad Archmage has more than thirteen levels and over 1, keyed encounters of perils, monsters, traps, and treasure to bedevil your players.

That elevator room door, and the elevator room? Even all of that crazed chaotic mix-up would feel okay if we felt like traps, tricks, and weirdness had clues and themes. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Castle of the Mad Archmage

It’s available in print or pdf:. I’d rather have it all done and explained, so I can either run with that or change it. Or at least, like there isn’t a handle to get on it. The first encounter the group had today was one of those: Share this project Done. IotU feels too disconnected to me.


Sign up using Facebook. Fulfillment will be through RPGNow.

Castle of the Mad Archmage: Musicland by BRW Games, LLC — Kickstarter

It thd feels so random sometimes, that going further or fo our losses is just a bet on randomness and not a bet on our ability to leverage our skill against our diminished resources. I couldn’t see this coming because nothing we’re run into so far gave us a clue.

Or at least give’s DM a “cause” to tie it all together. The feeling of randomness to it, and the feeling that there just isn’t a cohesive, rational whole to be revealed is getting to me.

The Castle of the Mad Archmage

I didn’t spend a lot of time with “level 1”. Norman Harman September 9, at 8: We could eventually conquer it with enough rolls on 1d6 we have three regulars with STR 17, by coincidence but to what end? Has anyone released Castle of the Mad Archmage upper levels?

It’s clearly emulating the very archage school feel and stories of Gary Gygax’s Castle Greyhawkwhich came about organically and somewhat randomly, og with an eye to a coherent whole: