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Caravaggio was the prototypic tortured genius. He lived his life with reckless abandonment and disregard for the consequences. I was fortunate enough to see Beyond Caravaggio exhibit while visiting Dublin this year and although I am not very knowledgeable about art, I was instantly attracted by his paintings for the peculiar focus of light and choice of details, and interesting composition of characters in the storytelling.

The worlds of Milan, Rome and Naples through which Caravaggio moved and which Andrew Graham-Dixon describes brilliantly in this book, are those of cardinals and whores, prayer and violence.

Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones. However Graham-Dixon certainly does shed much illumination on Caravaggio’s early development in northern Italy, the effect of living in a city culturally and religiously ruled by Borromeo, and the lack training in the arts as was then common practice.

Caravaggio was a master in this area. Needless to say if you admire Caravaggio, then you will enjoy this book as biography. I suggest getting a book of his art, so you can read the descriptions of the paintings and see the art as it is described. Book Depository Libros con entrega gratis en todo el mundo. He was independent, interesting and far beyond his time in his attitude toward how he should be the master of his caaravaggio destiny.


The book, although probably not for the art historian, draws from well-established sources, and points out the inconsistencies among prior biographers. His aagrada is realistic and moving. Todos los derechos reservados. On the streets surrounding the churches and palaces, brawls and procana were regular occurrences.

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Yes, this book is long, yes, it’s about something that happened a long time ago, yes, there is a lot of Catholic history, but it is worth every minute you spend reading it.

I visa curious mix because after ten years of research Dixon-Graham has permitted the reader to sense and I use the word explicitly how the artist’s works subtly changed the author. Empieza a leer Caravaggio: Detalles del vidda Tapa blanda: Fortunately for the reader, ending in a happier ending. If you wish to understand this work, then this book will answer many questions.

Follows a chronological approach but gors well beyond the scope and vica of a standard biography or of an artistic teview. There is a movie available about Caravaggio in Italian with subtitles. Caravaggio has rarely been seen in such depth and such relief as in this marvellous biography. It prpfana is for the neophyte one of the best descriptions of how to appreciate still lives in particular or art is general.

I am a big fan of Dan Brown and enjoy learning the meaning and symbols found in art and architecture. Andrew Graham-Dixon’s exceptionally illuminating readings of Caravaggio’spictures, which are the heart of the book, show very clearly how he created their drama, immediacy and humanity, and how completely he departed from the conventions of his time.


If there is voda very soft English humor here, then you should mull over the claim that the toothed lizard in Caravaggio’s still life “Boy Bitten By A Lizard” is an image of “vagina dentata. A well researched and captivating book.

Vuelva a intentarlo en otro momento. Amazon Business Servicio para clientes de empresa. This book is well-well-written and definitely worth the time. This book is an edifying, immensely enjoyable, and curious mix of biography and art appreciation.

Andrew Graham Dixon

Living in the 21st century with photographs we are used to seeing pictures capturing the moment. Nothing dramatic here except that to note a feeling that as his book progresses, the author seems to exhibit some of that wild uncontrollable passion that marks the life of Caravvagio. This is not only about art but the man behind the art as well. I highly recommend it also. Suffice it say that the author has carxvaggio a book that will not fail to satisfy a reader looking for an intelligent, provocative, and sophisticated book.