can lis. coursework on materials + daylight + understanding architecture. mallorca . So instead Jørn Utzon bought land near Porto Petro. Beyond the tourist trail on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Jørn Utzon built his family summer house, Can Lis, in the s. Jennifer McMaster. Architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of Atelier Bow-Wow shared with us his experience visiting Jørn Utzon’s Can Lis, a house on Majorca, Spain.

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But that is in its off-season. Jennifer McMaster Behind this protective wall, Can Lis is arranged as a series of discrete pavilions connected by transitional space. Because the opening in each aperture has no window frame, the room appears wide open to the elements. Photography Yasuhiro Nakayama Shinkenchiku-sha.

Three sets of wood doors seal the spaces between the columns, and opening them, one enters a room with ytzon high ceiling. From west to east, the first block houses the kitchen, dining room and utzoj, the second the living room, the third the bedrooms and the fourth contains a guest suite.

Can Lis loggia showing thick stone pillars of a pink local stone. Can Lis has been singled out by several leading architecture critics as one of the most important houses of the 20th century.

Can Lis, Portopetro

Visits and shorter stays by architecture students and so forth are offered the remaining three month of the year.

Precast concrete joists connect the pairs of beams, and arched terracotta tiles are fitted utzo the joists to produce the roof. I visited Majorca in November with the assistance of Lise Juel, the architect who was designing the restoration of Can Lis. The light in Majorca is sharp and bright. The desire one feels to sit and enjoy dinner here is due to its arrangement: Courtyards between pavilions offer quiet moments.

Thank utozn for signing up to receive our newsletter! The concrete roof is capped with of yellow tiles while the gables are crafted in the Chinese style, like those of the Fredensborg Houses. The weathered pink stone of Can Lis evokes images of ancient ruins. Here, because of the windows, the wind that had played freely in the terrace is excluded, and only the sun and views remain.


Yet, window glass has in fact been installed from the outside. Based on these drawings and with the help of the local uton contractor Jaime Vidal, the house’s final design emerged during the course of the building process.

It lies just beyond one of the many tourist towns that ring the coast, yet it feels of another world entirely. Access is only given to a limited number of people at a time. Students who, as utaon part of their studies, wish to visit the house, undertake a survey or in some other way have a specific assignment relating to Can Lis. Can Lis has a number of areas where loggias and projecting roofs provide the necessary shade. Through its exposure to modern conditions, the intelligence that informed the historical architectural style had been revived and put into practice, with result that a new generation of that style was born.

He retired to Mallorca in the ‘s jkrn built his house, Joorn Lis on the cliffs by Portopetro in the south east of Mallorca. Get your copy here today! On opening the door, another outdoor space appeared, caan a crescent shaped opening in the opposite wall.

In the framework thus created by the house, we, as flesh and blood beings, are positioned at the center of the spatial and historical expanse possessed by the Mediterranean Sea and its sun, moon, winds, and sandstone.

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The colonnade is a column-beam structure of sandstone masonry with precast concrete beams established in the form of a lintel. The diagonal stone slabs protruding from the wall and the stone rising from the floor are also finished in lus. A number of days, the house is open to visitors typically between Seems you are enjoying our articles!


By grafting new technology — a precast concrete beam — onto the local stone storage house style of architecture, Utzon had produced a space that uses the same sandstone but enjoys greater openness. Utzon prepared preliminary sketches and drawings but these were underwent changes as the building grew. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The sandstone terrace is a stage offered to the Mediterranean Sea, the sun, and the moon. Tags stonehousesrestoration.

a raw paradise : architecture : Can Lis by Jørn Utzon : mallorca spain

To the opposite side of the house entrance, there is a small walled garden. This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Additive Architecture Critical regionalism. Photos Map Streetview Website. A series of pavilions connected by courtyards.

Cala media luna Half-moon cove. A statement of interest must be submitted. Two rows of columns form a corridor to the bedrooms at the east.

Can Lis, Portopetro |

The Utzons kept Can Lis as their Majorca residence for almost 20 years, living there for extensive periods as they ljs older. The house entrance was at the junction of the living room and the terrace.

On the sea side of the room, six niche-like apertures of moderate height protrude outward at different angles.

The group should not consist of more than 15 people and residence excludes the hours of 8: The differences in their angles suggest the movement of the sun as it rises in the east and sets in the west. Inside Can Lis, the signature crescent moon motif can be seen.

The exterior view framed by the niche is divided in two, sky above and sea below.