Camillo Berneri was an Italian anarchist who fought and wrote about the Spanish Civil. War alongside the Spanish anarchists. He was murdered during the ‘May. Kropotkin: His Federalist Ideas — Camillo Berneri Nov 18, 22 pp. Marie Louise Berneri – A Tribute — Various Authors Nov 24, 57 pp. Camillo Berneri War and Revolution Writings on Spain – Translations published in ‘The Cienfuegos Press Anarchist Review’ Number 4,

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Similarly, Greek history should be traced back to central Europe; indeed, the conquering Hellenes were Nordic and it was they that bwrneri the master-caste in the country. Mikhail Lermontov was of Scottish extraction and Herzen had a German for his mother. You camiillo ministers, you make eloquent speeches and you write brilliant articles, but it is not with speeches and articles that one wins the war and defends the Revolution. If I address you in public, it is about matters that are infinitely more serious, to remind you of the enormous responsibilities, of which you are perhaps not aware because of your modesty.

The enormous anthropological variety among Jews is the best proof of the non-existence of a Jewish race. Worker sabotage in a financial services call centre.

Hitler, being self-educated and bereft of any critical sense, is taken in by the Aryan myth, however. We must completely and without pity eliminate the Fascist remains which oblige us to maintain a front line within our ranks and have recourse to systematic searches, mass arrests of people who are not in unions who are of the right age and physical condition for military service, strict control of new recruits to the trade unions etc. In France we have seen the launching of a blatantly racist and anti-semitic Celtic League.

This would be necessary in the same way in order to create points of contact between the personal work of these representatives and the necessities and possibilities of CNT and FAI initiatives.

There were even Jews who became sovereign over the whole Aiasdan region, Georgia included. The largest number of Jews lives in Russia and Poland and since, in the first centuries of the Christian era, many Slavs converted to Judaism under the influence of fugitives, there are grounds for believing that the Jews currently found in Bessarabia, the Ukraine and Poland are, the majority of them, Slavs and Tartars.


He is full of confidence and he polishes the feathers of his white dove, while deluding himself and others.

The Executive Committee of the Spanish Communist Party recently declared that in the current struggle it intends to defend democracy and safeguard private property. What can we do? We will deal with that elsewhere. If these two nations enter the lists with all the forces that they have at their disposal, it is clear that only the intervention of Russia, France and Great Britain reunited could assure Spanish anti-fascism of victory in the war.

But Moscow took the helm.

The Italo — German reply came on 7 th January. The Russian petty bourgeoisie fought on the berheri of the proletariat from to ; during the insurrection of March and April in the Ruhr, the petty bourgeoisie took part in the struggle against Kapp and against the black Reichswehr; in October in Madrid and in Catalonia the petty bourgeoisie again took an active part in the insurrection, and it was the same in the Asturian insurrection.

There are many among bsrneri who have arrived at the point of describing the armed intervention of powers which have economic and military interests opposed to those of Italy and Germany. Finally, in Worms, a statement from the local police refers to a Jew having been jailed for having tried to date a Christian girl. And yes fascism is real, present, actual. Are you an author? A platonic gesture on the part of the French Social Democrat and Stalinist leaders, bound up to the very end with the wet-blanket government and the human ostrich.

We are assisting in the infiltration into the controlling ranks of the popular army of ambiguous elements without offering guarantees of political and union organisation.

Berneri moved from country to country, being refused refugee status and often expelled.

Camillo Berneri

An internal policy of collaboration between the classes and of flattery towards the middle classes leads inevitably to tolerance towards politically ambiguous elements.

Pilate is you, the European proletariat! Numerous investigations have been mounted into the huge acmillo diversity among Jews, some of them hugely valuable scientifically speaking and we need not cite texts.

The problem with hip hop: On these matters, and indeed on others, I hope one day or another to talk to you personally. The problem can be resolved by achieving immediately what can be achieved. Keep your spirit and mind healthy. Only broad-based and decisive popular action in France and Britain can force the respective governments of these countries to, adopt a less absurd behaviour.


The Slav soul that camill critics invoke in order to explain away nearly every aspect of Russian literature is a myth, if it is meant as a body of attitudes tied to ethnicity. We must strengthen these committees and these delegates.

Camillo Berneri – Wikipedia

Keep your body healthy. In the same bedneri the CNT does not make sufficient use of experts who could at present replace incompetent and suspect experts and tomorrow constitute the guiding cadres of libertarian communism. This problem must be resolved. From the scientific point of view, there is nothing more to be said as to his racial character.

Camillo Berneri: Against the Racist Delirium | Robert Graham’s Anarchism Weblog

The temple of Delos supposedly demonstrates the Germanic influence and some Germanic temples supposedly date back to the Bronze Age. Class privilege has been converted into race privilege, trampling not only over anthropology but also over common sense. If it is not the wings of victory, it will be those of Nemesis that are unfolded above it.

Furthermore, the Oberhessische Zeitung points out that in a similar case a young Christian girl was dragged through the streets of Marburg. The Wisdom of a Proverb. Its chairman, Professor Kruger, closed his address with a eulogy to Hitler.

The latter brat declared in an interview in Sunday Referee 30 July The object of research will be to convince sons, grandsons and great-grandsons that, being descended from illustrious forebears, they must show themselves worthy of them by living a glorious existence. Suspicious excess of zeal.

Madrid, the joyous Berjeri of the Iberian Peninsular is reviving beneri deeds of Sagonte. The operational base of the fascist army is Morocco. The Russian poet Fet was descended from a German woman.