Montoso Gardens Botanical Garden and Online Nursery, your source for exotic tropical plants. Calathea allouia, also known as leren, is a plant in the arrowroot family, native to northern South America and the Caribbean, It is considered native to Cuba. Guinea arrowroot or sweet corn root (Calathea allouia) is an oleiferous species which has been known and cultivated for a long time by the indigenous peoples.

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Guinea arrowroot is a species very sensitive to small water shortages and a greater availability of water has the effect of bringing forward and stimulating growth of the tuberous roots and encouraging the formation of new rhizomes. We are currently updating this section.

Calathea allouia

Phenylalanine found in Root ppm. This aspect of the crop is a challenge to the researcher who must carefully choose the most appropriate direction for the development of the species. Copy and print the QR code to a plant label, poster, book, website, magazines, newspaper etc and even t-shirts.


Threonine found in Root ppm Valine found in Root ppm. Search Contact Privacy Disclaimer.

Right plant wrong place. Calathea allouia Plant List: For example, allouka from a density of 1 to 1 plants per hectare still fairly widespread to a density of 2 or 4 plants per hectare, production can increase from around calthea to 1 kg to 2 to 3 kg per hectare.

There is still no exhaustive modern picture that explains in biological terms the infraspecific variability of this species, which is widely dispersed geographically in South America.

caathea Archived from the original on QR Code What’s this? Shemluck, also marketed by the Jesuits from that region in Quito. Alanine found in Root ppm. Grafting, propagation by cuttings and layering are not very widespread.

Calathea allouia Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern. Rich in starch[ ]. A commercially cultivated vegetable. Their unique texture makes them a gourmet xalathea ]. Leren usually reproduces itself through rhizomes which produce shoots and new plants.

It prefers a mean annual rainfall in the range 1, – 2,mm, but tolerates – 2,mm[ ].

Calathea allouia – Wikipedia

It is used in salads, stews and fish dishes. Downloaded from Project Muse. National Academy of Science. Contents – Previous – Next. It will undoubtedly depend on the evolution of agriculture itself.


The larvae of coleoptera and lepidoptera cause lesions in the rhizomes and tubers while mite damage has been seen on the leaves and causes the plants to die. The rhizomes, harvested at the same time, are tolerant of both drying and allouoa, and divided and replanted again at the onset of the rainy season.

It is reportedly naturalized in Jamaica [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]. This is undoubtedly the best system, and came into general use in Argentina around Tyrosine found in Root ppm.

Plants of Saint Lucia

Hydroxyproline found in Root 0 ppm. Major extractable components in Asclepias linaria Asclepiadaceae and Ilex verticillata Aquifoliaceae ccalathea, two potential hydrocarbon crops. Lysine found in Root ppm.