Acronym: CCA. Sometimes referred to as warehouse moth or tropical warehouse moth; scientific references may use Ephestia cautella. – – Cadra cautella – Almond Moth – (Walker, ). Photographs are the copyrighted property of each photographer listed. Contact individual. During the months of June and July , heavy infestation by larvae of C. cautella was observed on tree bean (P. timoriana) seeds stored after proper drying in.

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Views Read Edit View history. Male moths living in a population with high larval density produce higher ratios of apyrene to eupyrene sperm, presumably due to the fact that high larval population density increases the threat of sperm competition.

Phycitini Household pest insects Cosmopolitan moths Moths described in Ascidaein relation to the natural control of Ephestia Cautella Walker Lepidoptera: In the almond moth, mating lasts between 1. Ichnemonidaeand a Predator Xylocoris flavipes Hemiptera: Wolbachia is transmitted from mother to offspring, as it resides in the ovaries of its host.

Almond moths infest flourbranoatsand other grainsas well as dried fruits. Click on images to enlarge Adult moth of the tropical warehouse moth, Cadra cautella.

This species may be confused with the related Indian mealmoth Plodia cautflla or the Mediterranean flour moth Ephestia kuehniellawhich are also common pantry pests in the same subfamily. Life-cycle of the tropical warehouse moth, Cadra cautella Wlk.

Cadra cautella (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Journal of Stored Products Research. Journal of Economic Entomology. Adults The adult forewings are greyish-brown with scattered darker patches. Trichogramma are very small waspsand they will puncture the eggs of almond moths and leave their own progeny inside. Almond moth Caterpillar and moth Caterpillar below and pupa above in peanut husks Scientific classification Kingdom: Journal of Applied Entomology.

Adults live for about 10 days after eclosion and do not eat, but may drink if water is available. The larvae caterpillars feed externally on maize grains but also cause damage to stored products through contamination with the silk webbing it produces and faecal pellets, cast skins and egg shells.


Moth Photographers Group – Cadra cautella –

PDF fulltext MB! Caterpillar below and pupa above in peanut husks. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cadra cautella.

The females lay their slightly sticky eggs on the stored food. Cadra cautella Walker, – Tropical Warehouse Moth. The tropical warehouse moth is found throughout the tropics and subtropics where it is more common in non-arid areas.

Adult of the tropical warehouse moth, Cadra cautella. External feeding and trails of silk webbing that contaminates stored products.

Detection methods The tropical warehouse moth can be detected by visual inspection. Freezing and Heating Where the infrastructure exists, freezing for several days and heating for 24 hours have proved to be effective control methods for stored product pests. As almond moths exists primarily as a pestits habitat is often some kind of dry food product which is stored in a warehouse or similar industrial environment.

Cadra cautella Walker Journal caxra the Kansas Entomological Society. Thus, the exploration of natural enemies of the almond moth including various kinds of predators and parasites has been pursued as a means to control infestations.

Almond moth

The presence of apyrene sperm is thought to produce a larger refractory period in the female moth by filling her reproductive tract, and thus prolonging the time period before she can remate. The larva resembles that of the Indian meal moth. Adult almond months are predominantly light brown in color, with smaller hind wings that are typically gray.

Fumigation of grain stocks with phosphine will control existing infestations but will not protect against re-infestation. The female will either assume an acceptance posture, which essentially means that she remains immobile, or a rejection posture, which can involve movement away from the male or flapping of wings.


Margraf Publishers Scientific books, German. This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat Eggs The eggs are translucent yellow with a sculptured surface. The almond moth is commonly regarded as a pest because it can be found in various kinds of dry food products including, but not limited to: Although it thrives best in tropical climatesit has spread to many regions around the globe due to its tendency to infest dry goods that are shipped internationally.

Accessed on 28 Jan The tropical warehouse moth is a major pest of a range of stored foods, especially cereals maize, rice, wheat, sorghum, millet, oats flours and other cereal products, dried cassava, groundnuts, cocoa beans, dried mango, dates, nutmeg, mace, cowpeas and other dried stored products.

Almond moth larvae are mostly gray with darker heads.

The almond moth thrives best in warm, humid environments. A variety of species within the order Hymenoptera are parasites of the almond moth. Sticky traps baited with a sex pheromone can be used to monitor adults. Several parasites of the genus Trichogrammaincluding T. Bulletin of Entomological Research. While pesticides and other chemical agents may reduce infestationthese products can present harmful consequences for the environment and cxdra the humans who consume the foods on which the almond moth feeds.

Although the moth infests several different kinds of food, the larvae develop most rapidly on wheat-based products. Retrieved from ” https: Adult almond moths do not eat during their short lifespan but will drink water if they have access to it. The pupal stage is completed in about 7 days.