Holds Record WORLD category Guinness Book of Records fastest decline. SLIM DIET II or abbreviation NEW IMAGE SDII from Soy Protein Isolate . (rujuk pada nota panduan syarikat untuk maklumat lebih lanjut) The Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™ 2 Weight Management Programme is based on ketosis –. 2x Alpha Lipid Slim Diet 2 (Bernilai RM) FREE 1X Buku Panduan Dapatkan produk Alpha Lipid SD2 pakej 2 minggu turun 5kg jika anda betul- betul. Bilangan LIKE masih e baru ia dilengkapi dengan 1- Coverphoto 2- Minisite 3- Kaedah Diet 4- Flyers 5- Buku Panduan.

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Provides a complete range of antioxidants derived from grape seeds, boysenberries, blackcurrants and kiwi fruit. Comprehensive blend of isolated non GMO soy protein Tidak perlu ubat tambahan untuk proses ini.

I have knee problems and ubku that caused my body to the waist to be bent do not be straightened.

Boleh memakan sayuran-sayuran hijau dan juga tomato. Slim diet 2 adalah produk pelangsingan badan yang terkenal di New Zealand dan kini dipasarkan di Malaysia baru-baru ini. If you fast, still need to take SDII 4 times a day with the appropriate schedule while fasting. Tidak mengandungi segala jenis dadah yang berbahaya dan ianya adalah produk di bawah kajian pakar-pakar perubatan.


In addition to the significant changes that happened to me, where I became more healthy, energetic and youthful. Because this organ cells consist of proteins, only protein alone lippid build, repair and maintain our bodily functions. Kali keempat 4 boleh ambil SDII waktu minum petang atau sebelum tidur. During the weight loss phase of your programme your metabolic rate will probably change as you lose body fat and become lighter.


George Cahill dan Dr George Blackburn. It provides high quality protein equivalent to milk and eggs but free from saturated fat and cholesterol.

An end to all that yo-yo dieting! After that I had a cough lasting for 2 years. It does not cause. Masalah kesihatan yang sedang dialami juga bertambah baik tanpa anda sedari seperti darah tinggi, sakit jantung, masaalah berkaitan pernafasan dan obesiti. Various medications and products I’ve tried, many clinics and doctors I have met but the problem I faced illness still unresolved.

Protein is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘first’ because the protein is said to be part of the human body and most important. So much so zlpha his children say “now much easier to learn”.

It also does not cause skin to sag and wrinkle effects of after drop. Before lunch take SDII 2 a second and then eat lunch as usual. Alpha Lipid Jacob has buki practicing since he was very concerned with health.

SHAPE UP MEAL REPLACEMENT 490G * Alpha Lipid SDII Slimming Drinks

Alpha Lipid Hairani also give to his children and thank god the children development education he is getting better. Protin adalah berasal dari perkataan Greek yang bermaksud ‘pertama’ kerana protin dikatakan sebagai bahagian tubuh badan manusia yang terpenting sekali.


Weight management meal huku. Mix with ml of water — shake well to combine. After trying Alphalipid of 4 cans 4 monthsnow I can go back to walk and talk. Today, I am able to live a normal and healthy life. Apart from that I also suffer from migraines, heart shrink, anemia, low blood pressure, arthritis and some other minor ailments.

Jika setia pada syarat Tanpa perlu berlaparan!

Khai Baki – Google+

I was overweight for my small frame. Eat 3 meals a day, low starchy food. Yang penting sekali, kita boleh mencapai penurunan berat badan yang maksimum dalam masa yang singkat dan kemungkinan penambahan balik berat badan atau ‘yo-yo effect’ dapat dikurangkan.

Lagi banyak minum lagi baik.

His whole body itches too often, but after taking AlphaLipid as a health drink, he was very satisfied with the result, because the joint pain bukk greatly diminished and his skin he was also getting fresh.