: El tejido del cosmos () by Brian Greene and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great . El Tejido Del Cosmos De Brian Greene. 5 likes. Book. To download BRIAN GREENE EL TEJIDO DEL COSMOS PDF, click on the Download button But I couldn’t help grewne the sensation that I.

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His second of two books, The Fabric of the Cosmos, is a potent distillation of years of discovery and an invaluable roadmap of reality that is almost impossible to get lost with, regardless of de, level of scientific knowledge.

Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality – Amazon. And this was an excellent lesson to me. This discussion will of course still not satisfy those who have an in-depth understanding of the science involved, but I don’t think they are the target group of this book in the first place.

Fabric Of The Cosmos discusses the latest findings cosmox theoretical physics in a style accessible Greene’s second book, The Fabric of the Cosmos: In fact, I have many problems with modern physics and believe that the only way I could really understand it more would be to go back and finish off a degree in this stuff. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

9786077473718 – El tejido del cosmos by Brian Greene

I guess at least now I am familiar enough with the concepts which confuse me to be able to sound like I know something about general relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory over beers with friends, and that’s the important thing, right? Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality. He’s funny and he describes rel complicated shizz really well he likes to make Simpsons analogies.

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Multi-dimensions, you mean like people could be living in a dimension almost on top of me that I don’t see because I don’t have access to those dimensions, but one day maybe we could, right? It is amazing how he manages to convey potentially complex subjects, such as tehido mechanics and relativity, in a simple but at the same time rigorous manner.


What I found most interesting would probably horrify the author because, while he didn’t say so in so many words, he apparently really believes that physics is, or can be, the answer to everything. Insight must be anchored. Reading about the bucket argument http: Brian reminded me that we must never stop asking “why”, that asking “why” is what makes us human. I, on the other hand, believe there is a God, the Christian God, who has a hand in our existence.

– El tejido del cosmos by Brian Greene

Social responsibility Did you know that sinceBiblio has used its profits to build 12 public libraries in rural villages of South America?

In fact, the popularity of this breed of book has even necessitated its own genre, which has come to be known as pop-physics. It is so far divorced from my greene understanding that to express an opinion really just makes me feel incredibly ignorant.

There are few parts that are mind-bending to the point where I got a headache.

His book is very readable and he has a great gift of explaining complex subjects with an amazing ddel. A common transgression is to sacrifice accuracy for sensationalism under the misconception that science fiction is the only way to engage the average reader.

The very talented Michio Kaku of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton the same place Einstein spent the last few decades of his life is a repeat offender.

Upon reflection this seemed to me very much like them coming out of another dimension. I didn’t realize physics had progressed so far in finding a unification theory. He says himself that he will only use metaphors to explain the ideas, but even so he remains respectful of his subject, he does not dumb things down, and I found the metaphors for the most part evocative and helpful.


Wow, what a wonderful book. However, I think I will not remember much of this enlightenment in a few weeks, alas. Fabric is such a good read because Greene buttresses the same savvy teaching techniques with an eloquent style of gejido. Customers who bought this item also bought. Most of the esoteric stuff is banished to the footnotes, which are well worth reading–and I suppose I should be happy that it’s there at all, since most books on modern science are written with Hawking’s Editor’s Law in mind: First of all, the illustrations are almost no help, because they are of awful quality.

Score one for angels appearing out of nowhere because they can move from another dimension into our 3-dimensional existence. View all 30 comments. Refresh and try again.

Hey, thanks Pfizer for helping make me a drug addict! The fabric of the cosmos: It is a fantastic introductory book to the realm of contemporary physics – of course, if you are interested in more quantitative treatments of such subjects, then this is probably not the book for you – although I must say that everybody with an interest in science should really take the time to read this masterpiece. I did not find all the included graphics helpful, but a few were enormously helpful.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I read this over a seven month period and most days only read a couple of pages. Search Results Results 1 -3 of 3. Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality