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The origin of animals and human beings is then narrated. After taking rest’at night’ of an equal duration as that ofthe day, god Brahma creates the Universe as he did in the previous Kalpa’ —a fact hammered by the author ofthe Purana every now and then. Heavenly trees and divine medicinal herbs were planted there by sage Bharadvaja to please Rama. Born within the Ocean when gods were in dis- tress.

The Purana Index, Volume 1: Description of Jambijdvlpa Its contents — manifestation of goddess Lalita to kill Bhandasura, her marriage with Kamesvara, Siva and glorification of Maha- padma etc. The auspicious characteristics teluguu daugher ofKardama, the Prajapati. This alone is the characteristic feature ofall Manvantaras.

The epithet is applied to god Siva Il.

At the end of the period of the curse, king Mahabahu killed demon Ksemaka and rehabilitated the beautiful city of VaranasI. Here the phallus- aspect has no place. ParvatI became offended at this act of Paras- rama and remonstrated with lord Siva for his favouritism to Parasurama as against his son Ganesa and wanted to leave Siva’s house with her children.


Sri Brahmanda Puranam

The present volume consists of two Sections viz. One has to dive into the ocean or delve into the rocks -to find them out. But I may state that all the details of Sraddha such as relative superiority ofpeople partaking of the feast in Sraddha II. The publication ofthe Puranas in English translation is a step towards that goal.

Our Purana magnifies Parasurama as an epic hero. When the Pratyahara’ withdrawal of the Universe is imminent, Bhiitas elements, both gross and subtle are anni- hilated, evolutes of Prakrti beginning with Mahat ahd ending with Visesas are destroyed. He received the permission of the king? Holy ashes are the semen of god Siva and they reduce to ashes all the sins of him who besmears himself with it.

Brahmanda Purana – Wikipedia

For the sake of propagating pirana in the worlds, he taught this Purana which is highly esteemed like the Vedas and which contains many topics, to Jaimini, Sumantu, Vaisam- payana, Pailava who was the fourth among, them and Lomahar- sana the fifth. These published text teluvu a cumulative total of chapters. The five cliaracteristics laksanas of a Purana given by it, are: Skanda’s inability to intervene in the scuffle between xlviii Brakmanda Parana Parasurama and Ganesa in which Parasurama smashed the tusk ofGanesa and his performance of the role of a reporter of the incident to ParvatI Bd.


Bhrgu’s wife rushed forward and ordered Indra and others to get out, other- wise she would burn them down by her power of Penance.

Introduction lix The topic of Sraddha is so compreiiensively discussed that it covers the following topics ofDharma-Sastra viz. Resorting to Yoga he created the world of mobile and immobile beings Li. It must however be conceded that all the teachers in the list are accommodated in the longer II list.

Mahapadma to the last of Andhras. In the future creation his snout will be bent. Manvantara is recounted and its number of years is narrated according to human calculation. The comparative study of the Javanese text of Brahmanda Purana in Kavi language with the Tflugu text of the present Purana is a feature that shall be most wel- comed by the reader.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. How thousands of the different continents com- prise the group of seven Dvlpas.

Parasurama’s vow to annihilate Ksattriyas twentyone times.

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The topic ofVaivas- 1. In Kuru- ksetra, he fills five tanks with Ksattriya blood and performs Sraddha ofhis Pitrs. The names ofthe Manus are as follows: Description ofthe Netherworlds Introduction xlv Siva II.

Teluhu who, in A.