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Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Arduino has a 64 byte serial buffer and can receive and store data in it, while executing other tasks in your program. Problem solved by inserting line of code in sketch setup: Reapplied Shrink Tubing with Scotch Tape.

As for actually programming the Arduino via Bluetooth instead of USB cablethat will require a bit more bluetokth to set-up the IDE and to be able to reset the Arduino at the right time for the bootloader to kick in. After successful connection the pattern changes to 2 flashing and big pause. The problem is that I can use the module, but I can not change the name or speed of it.

So far I can send some text and can receive it on my phone terminal. So far I can send characters to and to and from my android phone with no issue as i stated before but I am struggling with sending text files. Measuring temperature with DS18B20 temperature sensor.


Hi Stoyan, you only can send AT commands to the module as long it is blinking. Hi, I have also a pair of no name HC modules that refuses to work using their serial pads.

I tried to wire it to 3. I understand that the localfilesystem is not available for the kl25z and thus i need an sd breakout board so as to store the text files in sds and use the sdfilesystem library. HC serial wireless module. Hi Erich, I read about your work on it and I am pleased that you have posted so much details about it.

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Easy Arduino Bluetooth Communication with JY-MCU Bluetooth module

More seriously, it is important to look at all interfaces for this kind of thing. I observed that as long as I power my board with a battery, it runs perfectly. And when i blluetooth the software pull up in the RX pin on my microcontroller, nothing different happen.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Last time we looked at measuring temperature using a digital temperature sensor. Or you could add two schottky diodes from the RxD pin to the 3.

Hi Erich It looks like there is an issue with some 5V systems as well. Failed to get a response back from V1. My modules say bluetpoth they should be powered 3. It will not provide any protection to the my-mcu unless your electronics were to apply a negative voltage to the Tx pin. If sending text files, you have to send the data in smaller chunks say 16 bytes in each transaction.


Getting Bluetooth Working with JY-MCU BT_BOARD V1.06

That one looks like a good module! If PC sends information via Serial, then we send that information over via Bluetooth. I would put something between 5 kOhm and 10 kOhm. Otherwise I suggest you check with a logic analyzer what is going on?

Connecting Arduino Uno and the JY-MCU Bluetooth module using SoftwareSerial |

This is a reasonable use case I think: Hi Tom, you need to try and isolate the issue. I hope this helps, Erich Like Like. The solution is to pull-up the Tx signal to the microcontroller Rx for the microcontroller either with a hardware pull-up or with a software pullup.

For example this enables pull-ups for PTC3: I would appreciate any help or even pointers to some reference materials. Thanks, Parth Like Like.

I suggest for the Arduino user, a code for the setup like the follow: I ended up connecting the bluetooth device to the 3. Maybe your configuration is somehow different.

Hi Antonio, the voltage level of the HC Bluetooth modules are really 3.