Frank Richards has books on Goodreads with ratings. Frank Richards’s most popular book is Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School. Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School [Frank Richards] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Author Frank Richards’s complete list of books and series in order, with the latest The Billy Bunter stories were serialised in The Magnet from until the.

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There are some great action sequences in this collection, even if you don’t and I don’t like boxing.

Stella & Rose’s Books

Wealthier schoolboys such as Lord Mauleverer frequently part with a few shillings to be rid of Bunter; but even the notoriously tight-fisted American junior Fisher T Fish was persuaded to loan Bunter cash on at least one occasion. Even forty years on, the stories were still able to hold the attention of a new generation despite their age. First published by Cassell The mater was ill, and she wanted him!

There is little love lost between the three, as is shown in this passage from one of the earlier stories: Again, despite some foolish language now and again, FR is relatively fair to suffragists.

He is the despair of his Form master, Mr Quelch. Also included in this volume is the only lengthy example of a story featuring the mathematics master, Larry Lascelles. Bunter Out of Bounds, Subsequently, Bunter has appeared in novels, on television, in stage plays, and in comic strips.

Re printing of the facsimile editions The chances are that Baker did have access to the original copies held by I. I know he reprinted over 1, of the 1, total. As Frank Richards’s Billy Bunter stories are so prolific it is very hard to give you all of the information available but I hope you have enjoyed this introduction.


He was a bit of a weasel; told outright lies about his forthcoming postal order, stole food, lied and cheated. I guess that’s a fairly normal list for a young boy.

Billy Bunter – Wikipedia

Charles Hamilton invented the character for an unpublished story in the late s. It is a talent unappreciated by his schoolfellows, since he generally bilyl it to make mischief, or, opportunistically, to get himself out of trouble. In this way, Bunter took his turn with the rest, in a number of stories that placed him as the lead protagonist.

By contrast, Billy Bunter is particularly close to his mother, Mrs Amelia Bunter, a kindly lady who bunfer only briefly in seven stories.

Invalid email or password combination. Cassell took over publication from Skilton early on. Bessie first appears in the Magnet No. A running theme at the beginning of each holiday season is Bunter’s persistent attempts to avoid spending vacations with his family and instead gatecrash the holiday arrangements of one or more of his schoolfellows; and his schoolfellows’ generally unsuccessful attempts to avoid Bunter’s company.

The only extended week-long holidays away from home we had were also to the coast and usually to dull, touristy bits of the coast. Inthe editors of The Magnet persuaded Charles Hamilton to drop the character of Billy Bunter altogether for several editions and attempt a storyline in the style of an action thriller. Lastly, being a grammar schoolboy in the s reading about private schooling in the s Bunter himself often uses language that contemporary readers would characterise as racist.

Bunter also appeared in many Knockout annuals, even on some covers. In The Secret Seven series ofthe entire plotline is initiated by Bunter’s stupidity, which causes a road accident that results in a number of leading characters being hospitalised.


Chapman who first put Bunter into checked-pattern trousers to distinguish the two characters. Having said that, I do notice that the world around them does show some signs of change when early issues are compared to, say, ‘Billy Bunter at Butlins’, which has a much more contemporary feel to it, even today. He is Billy’s exact double, excepting only for his spectacles, but is his opposite in every other respect.

The Bunter books (1947-1965)

Back to the big school and the big library. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Billy Bunter’s Barring Out, 4. Minnitt continued producing the strip until his death in Billy Bunter the Hiker, Billy Bunter in Brazil, 5.

But almost every report of a match at Greyfriars has at least one. The importance of the move was two-fold: Bunter Does His Best, A page on the very early issues of ‘The Magnet’. Retrieved 27 July Bunter’s ventriloquism skills would be used as a means of creating conflict between other characters.

I could not believe the coincidence therefore when I realised recently that the date top left on the definitive map of Greyfriars and surrounding area is also and is quoted as being when Edward VI restored the former monastery and opened it as a school!

Originally a minor character, his role was expanded over the years with his antics being heavily used in the stories to provide comic relief and to drive forward richsrds plots.

The Magnet [8].