In Gurmukhi (Punjabi). Visit our library at sikh_library/ Guru Nanak Dev Ji met Jinda Mahatma Kabir Ji Evidence in Bhai Bale Wali – JANAM SAKHI – Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Topic: Swaal Kaji Rukndin Soora – ਸੁਆਲ. God Kabir had asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji for this secret information about the True Naam Guru Nanak Dev kept Satnam Secret – Janam Sakhi – Bhai Bala.

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Paath and simran will help with this. His father, Kalu, for instance, is a cruel man; he is greedy and ill spoken; he blames Mardana for spoiling his son; bhao Guru Nanak is rather chary of meeting him. As for gandh, well maybe you should read the janamsakhi and see that its the creation of Baba Handalis. It had been given to the library by an Englishman called Colebrook; it came to be known as the Vilayat Vali or the foreign janamsakhi. This is a very immature attitude. There’s nothing to discuss.

Retrieved from ” https: There are sooo many other points The chief of the Niranjania sect, Baba Handal has been greatly praised and has been shown of much higher status than Guru Nanak Dev. The Minas were a robber tribe and in Punjabi the word has come to mean someone who conceals his true evil intent.

Bhai Mani Singh referred them to the Var of Bhai Gurdas, but this, they maintained was too brief and a longer more fuller account was needed. Last time I saw your post “conflicts” where you share all the things that people fight about and updating your lists putting too much effort.

Skhi we turned to this side? Important Information Terms of Use. Sardar Karam Singh reached the conclusion that Bhai Bala’s Janamsakhi was written at the initiative of the Niranjania sect.


Though from the point of view of a historian the janamsakhis may be inadequate, they cannot be wholly discarded because they were based on legend and tradition which had grown up around the Guru in the years following his physical passing away, and furnish useful material to augment the bare but proved facts of his life.

In this Janamsakhi, it is written that in Treta Samhi, the Guru was aservant of Raja Janak, used to worship images and tell lies.


By mahandulai Started janak hours ago. From this it is clear that those who had written this Janamsakhi, never realised their mistake.

The posts by Veer SunnybondSingh jee has presented good summarys of these writers books. For your mood, do two things: Bhai Mardana is mentioned.

There are countless other anti-gurmat sakhis and things written in his janam sakhi that are hard to believe. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Even today many people are so strongly supportive and die hard believers in the existence of Bhai Bala that they will openly use his name in bhaii katha and sakhis within gurdwaras and if anyone dares to even challenge them or question the validity of these sakhis they label them as traitors to the panth and that they are tryin to change history.

Sikh literature Guru Nanak Dev. Both hindus and muslims claimed Guru ji as their own. They are all with Bhai Mardana ji only. This was much later development. Sardar Karam Singh historian has proved that this book was written after Bikrami A.

In this Janamsakhi, the date of birth of Guru Nanak Dev has been given differently from the previous ones and it is in this book that the Guru has been ridiculed and insulted to the extreme.

Your comments always start from something like conteroversial issue and then you goes “Is everybody getting mad at me”. Locals advised his father that Nanak should be married.


He supposedly died in Khadur Sahib, in his late 70s, in The more you get involved with sikhi the less you start listening to those songs. It was hard for me to believe at first, but it is the reality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. The four Janamsakhis that have survived into the modern era include the BalaMiharbanAdi and Puratan versions, and each hagiography contradicts the other.

Bhai Gurdaswho has listed all Guru Nanak’s prominent disciples in his 11th Vardoes not mention the name of Bhai Bala this may be an oversight, for he does not mention Rai Bular either.

Janamsakhis – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sign up for a new account in our community. Sunnybondsingh, you have Sant Jarnail Singh ji’s photo as your avatar, you might want to listen to some of their Katha. After reading the book there should be no doubt as to the origin, motive and authenticity of all these fake, spurious additions to Sikh jaanam. There are a number of other anomalies, which Dr. By savalakhsingh Started 7 hours ago. Although the new name of this city had been decided, at the time of Guru Nanak Dev himself, but became current only after it was registered in official records.

It created confusion in Sikhs, which still continues. This biography agrees entirely with the India Office janamsakhi. Therefore, to suspect that the Kabir Pathis had their hand in it, is a baseless argument.