Michael Douglas and Baby Boy in Behind the Candelabra () Jerry Weintraub at an event for Behind the Liberace: I hate my life sometimes, I really do. Behind the Candelabra has ratings and reviews. writing style is that of the co-author) mindlessly goes through the excesses of his life with Liberace. Starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, the film is adapted from “Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace,” by Scott Thorson with Alex.

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Retrieved July 30, — via YouTube. Nov 11, Ashley rated it liked it. Start your free trial. Retrieved February 17, By using this ljberace, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Afterwards wait for it candelabbra got born again and became an evangelical preacher. Retrieved from ” https: Audible Download Audio Books. Won 2 Golden Globes. We don’t even care about his compulsive spending, gift giving and house buying.

Retrieved April 4, May 18, Lady of the Lake rated it liked it Lie And then two pages later says: This is an interesting look into the world of celebrities who are put up on a pedestal and surrounded by yes men. Interestingly enough, that made me want to read the book, so I When I was growing up, there were two men on television I found totally repugnant.

This is Scott Thorsons life with Liberace his view of how things went not really a bio that is unbiased. I soooo wish I hadn’t read this. As the frequency of our arguments increased, so did my drug usage.

Dora Liberace Cheyenne Jackson The author had a tendency to repeat himself from one chapter to another. What we want to know more like just me what strange sex acts did he want you to do? I am sure that the book did not vandelabra scratch the surface of how is life was.

Knowing that the audience is reading the story for Liberace, Thorson only includes small inserts about himself before he met Liberace, his life after their break up and after Li’s death. Thorson moves in with Liberace and becomes his lover. He asks his plastic surgeon, Dr. Thorson had his struggles with drugs, which contributed to the demise of the relationship.


Behind the Candelabra

Goofs Liberace played the piano while tapping his right foot. Replaces glamour with reality. The HBO movie made me want to read this ahead of time and it’s hard to know what in the book could possibly be used in a film–there is almost nothing to the story.

Ilfe a firm believer in the “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful ” Liberace credo but maybe it’s not always the case. There’s no way of knowing if his life would have been better or just as sad had he never met Liberace. American Crime Story Black Mirrorseason 4 Lofe over that rainbow there would be a diamond encrusted unicorn with a lush mane of gold wearing sequined hot pants flying high in the sky. Focusing mostly on the rise of Liberace’s fame and their life together.

After reading the book, I still don’t completely understand how that happened for Scott T, but that isn’t because he didn’t do the best job he could to explain it. Probably the only thing separating this story from others like it is Thorson’s reflective commentary and honesty about his own mistakes and that the leading man was truly one of the greatest entertainers of his time. This is an interesting look into the world of celebrities who are pu This wasn’t behid best written book, the writing style reminded me of reading a biographical essay assignment from an eleventh grader who discovered a thesaurus.

Liberace had a very permissive life style and paid the price for it. Watch Now With Prime Video. I wasn’t interested in Liberace’s life as much as I wondered how someone could become so involved with a man who was completely self-involved, pretentious, and phony.

Jun 11, Robin Nenninger rated it liked it. Retrieved May 27, Did he enjoy an occasional hot lunch? The high fructose corn syrup of books.


The “author” Scott Thorson supposedly Liberace’s male lover but the forced writing style is that of the co-author mindlessly goes through the excesses of his life with Liberace but nothing really happens.

I really enjoyed this book, and had a hard time putting it down. Even with such bizarre events the book is written at a snails-pace because, like Liberace, Thorson doesn’t really want to reveal anything beyond the surface.

Behind the Candelabra by Scott Thorson

Although the tid bits about growing up in in foster care, going into witness protection, finding religion, surviving a mob hit and countless drug relapses, in addition to dating a celebrity, promises a good read should Thorson ever write a Knowing that the audience is reading the story for Liberace, Thorson only includes small inserts about himself before he met Liberace, his life after their break up and after Li’s death.

Scott had a great life, until he got hooked on prescription drugs after a face surgery, to make him look more like Liberace, which I still can’t believe he would do, But then he says that anything Liberace wanted, Liberace got. He has a great gift and many people were able to hear it. One was Milton Berle, and the other was Liberace.

Okay, I had to read this book after seeing the HBO movie. If anything other than a book about the excesses to which people can subject themselves, it is also a cautionary tale the moral of which is that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. The true story of the “world’s greatest entertainer”revealed by the man most qualified to disclose it, his longtime live-in lover.