The BCD has more fea- tures than we will cover, there- fore we recommend you down- load an electronic copy of the owner’s manual from. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Uniden BCD User Manual • Uniden Scanners. User manual for the device Uniden BCD. Online user manual database.

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You might miss a briefportion of transmissions when held on a channel orfrequency, but battery life is extended. Press the SCAN key again. Mike Charette Level 3 Expert Answers. You cannot scan and monitor for weather alerts at the same time. There is a method by which special types of communications utilize unique talk group numbers.

Uniden BCD User Manual | 88 pages

Below you will find previews of the content of the user manuals presented on the following pages to Uniden BCD. This can greatly shorten the time it takes to programsystem information.

The default setting is on. This section outlines these options. Data sound can be heard when signal strength is weak.

Adjust the squelch for Trunking mode. With DCS squelching, you can eliminate the possibility of hearing unwanted conversations by selecting one of the standard data manaul subaudible tones. The scanner can be set to either alert for all areas, or only the areas you have programmed. If, after following the instructions in the owners manual you are certain that the product is defective, mnaual the Product carefully preferably in its original packaging.

You could be 3.

Trunked Scanning While conventional scanning worked great while there were only a few groups wanting to use the frequencies, with the advent of smaller, lower-cost radios more and more agencies and businesses wanted to take advantage of the utility of 2way radio.


Manually Selecting A Channel When the communication ends, the scanner will wait for 2 seconds for any further replies and, if none, the scanner will move to the conventional channels in the same bank or to the next bank. OFF The scanner searches only one range at a time. AUTO, the scanner will use the step sizes most often assigned for each band.

However, there are some transmissions that you should neverintentionally listen to. Missing the Data Frequency. The two supplied Conventional and Trunking frequency guides will give you a good head start on the other part of what you need to know — what frequencies have interesting content. Enter a correct frequency to continue.

A patch is created when a single, temporary talkgroup substitutes for the original talkgroups. PLAN2 Use if the highest frequency used by the system is above MHz and if the last three digits end in,,or Your BCD includes powerful search features that let you discover new active frequencies in your area.

Setting Up Your Scanner 3. Enter the channel number. For example, program city trunk system in Bank 1, amateur bc296e in Bank 2, and so on. If the signal is lost, the scanner resumes searching for a manuual transmission. The scanner exitsthe auto-store mode.

Specifications | Uniden BC296D Scanner User Manual

Even with this option turned on, the scanner mightpause for a couple of seconds on data transmissionsbefore resuming. Contact Uniden Partsdepartment for a replacement battery pack. You will not hear a tone each time you press a key. The scanner displays the lowest numbered empty ID group memory.

Uniden Scanner BCD User Guide |

Check frequency resources and reprogram. Restoring All Locked Out Channels For example, a size code of “4” has one Fleet, which is divided into 16 separate Subfleets, and it has a total of individual IDs. Setting Squelch Mode To maual a mix of trunking and conventional banks, bv296d the banks you wish to be active, and then press SCAN. All channel information is stored in the target channel and deleted from the original channel. Here are some highlights of this feature: Your task is to program your fleet map with the same size code assignments as the trunked system.


The scanner displays the talk group numbers as they become active. Follow these steps to enter a bd296d tag. Plantronics Explorer Bluetooth Headset Wireless One big difference you will notice with digital versus analog transmissions, is that with analog systems, you might be able to hear weak signals interspersed with hissing. This method may be used to restrict access to the repeater or receiver, or reduce interference where several stations with output frequencies in close proximity of each other make it difficult bc296f hear the conversation you are interested in.

When you have entered the tag, press E to save the tag. MODE Select, then set the modulation mode to manuaal while searching the custom range.

This warranty is void outside the United States of America. Your BCD can monitor these transmissions in either the search mode or if you have stored the unit number as a talkgroup in the scan mode.

In addition, you can contact the following source of frequency information: