Posts about Bartzabel Working written by blacklotuskult. Photos and video from Brian Butler’s performance of Aleister Crowley’s “ Bartzabel Working,” a ceremonial evocation of the spirit of Mars, first. F.B. got talking about Liber – the Bartzabel Working as performed by Crowley as an example of an actual ceremonial magic ceremony.

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There is a proper Kamea of Marsincluding the correct number of squares, but the numbers in the Liber make no sense at all and do not represent the proper Kamea of Mars.

The titular character Bartzabel is considered the spirit of the planet Mars, and many occult practitioners warn against attempting to harness the planetary powers as they are battzabel powerful and dangerous and can ” infest your home. Did Crowley screw it up?

“Bartzabel Working” ritual performed by several actors, what do you think? : occult

See Behemoth’s Nergal Transform Into I have suffocated those guys. Follow the Golden Rule. I love watching these because they’re extremely interesting, but they also come across as barrzabel This form needs Javascript to display, which your browser doesn’t support. Bigotry, racism, homophobia, and all threats physical or other will not be tolerated. You are commenting using your WordPress.


That number square makes no sense whatsoever. Posts that violate these guidelines may be removed at admin discretion. To play along with this one it would be good to know Agrippa, but certainly not required. Excellent stuff thanks for bringing him up and reminding. I even went to far as to rework the Hebrew and I have no idea what is in Liber I’d check that one out. I could assume that Crowley just called the name as much as he thought, but after the incredible attention to detail thus far, it is a bit wirking a reach to assume he would just let that name trail as many times as he wished.


The Intelligence of Marsor the sigil of Graphiel. Cult Leader Members of post-hardcore band share 8 songs that’ve helped them through dark times.

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However, accounts that solely or continuously self promote are subject to bans. Review the FAQ before posting. I would have also accepted the Planetary Seal of Mars since the spirit seems oppositional, but Graphiel is mentioned several times by name.

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So then where does it go wrong? He recorded the results and apparently had a conversation. So, cruising along, we then get woorking the illustration of the altar top and… what is this?

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I feel the same way. Guidelines This subreddit bzrtzabel to create an environment for the respectful debate and discussion of occult philosophy and metaphysics.

Wasn’t James Franco supposed to have been involved in this and then it turned bsrtzabel later it was announced he wasn’t there at all and someone was ‘standing-in’ for him? So that wraps up the ritual commentary. The incense would have been tobacco, nettle, and perhaps some of dittany of crete majoram, in the spice aisle as a base. Music Catholic School to King Crimson: Submit a new text.