With the recent release of Peopletools, peoplesoft has moved from the traditional workflow to the AWE(Approval Workflow Engine).This has. PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) is a recent entrant into the PeopleTools family – introduced only in AWE provides capabilities for creating. All rights reserved • AWE is made up of 20 Workflow Events No. 4 AWE – Event Driven Approval FrameWork Event Description On Process.

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PeopleSoft AWE – Approval Workflow Engine

Core app package will do our job. I created a XREF record as below. Component Structure in App Designer. All Criteria is now set, So a tick is appearing in each criteria link. All rights reserved Privacy Policy.

In this case, we developed a custom page for assignment of the alternate approver. They might have moved it.

PeopleSoft AWE: The Often Overlooked Solution to your Workflow Woes

Click on Step Criteria and set it as Always true. Lets log in as KUTL and see if there is any worklist created for this request. It requires a manual insert SQL.


The approval monitor shows that it is pending with finance officer KUTL SubmitApprove and Deny. Now is the time to test our workflow. Top 10 Features in PeopleTools 8. Since AWE is now integrated within many of the PeopleSoft modules, it makes great business sense to move forward and start using this tool.

PeopleSoft AWE: The Often Overlooked Solution to your Workflow Woes |

Having mny difficuties, any one ready to help me? The approval monitor is showing the transaction to qwe approved but still the status at the top right corner is showing as pending.

Configuring AWERegistering the transaction. Criteria are wwe to determine whether to enter a path,step,stage or not. If we want to do other stuffs than what the delivered app package does, we need to create our Event Handler ,extending the core EOAW classes.

The requester requests for some amount for an asset. Lets submit a request again. It will be easily to maintain as well. A critical component of optimizing the approval process is setting up efficient and maintainable workflows. Has anyone implemented this already? In this way peoplesoft has tried to simplify the workflow process making it more configurable. I have added 3 buttons: Your email address will not be published.


If you are talking about the URL which is displayed in the worklist of the user, In the activity, there is a Email Routing object, please give the URL in the field attributes. Criteria will be aws in later chapters.

PeopleSoft AWE – Approval Workflow Engine

Click on the Approve button: In Notification Options Select as below. Newer Post Older Post Home. We have successfully completed the AWE workflow.

So our page now looks like below: Thread Class is used to control what is displayed in the Approval Monitor. This can be created as below. One obstacle I find universal across clients is the need to setup effective workflow solutions and then be able to easily maintain them.