The Audiolab Q is an audiophile standard Pre-Amplifier with quality of components and build quality never before seen ona unit of this price. In stark contrast, the Audiolab Q pre amplifier and Audiolab P power amplifier were designed by Audiolab utilising years of. Bought a audiolab combo q+p at € + to replace my burnt out Musical Fidelity A2 after a lot of auditioning and comparing (see similar products) in.

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Board-mounted pot and space for MC step-up transformers. Now add a superbly coherent midrange. Connect the latter to a second mono, do wudiolab same for the other channel and presto, bi-amping. This is a serious Amp, not a flea market Amp.

Showroom Open Mon – Fri: Zu Audio Druid mk4, Thiel C. There are 6 line inputs and 3 80000q outputs. Simply put, this widebander sounds even more widebander-ish over the audiolabs. With such power on tap, the P is comfortably driving most speakers. Generalizations of course always bomb, some time, somewhere.

Audiolab 8000 Preamplifiers

That’s alright for ultimatists counter the cheapskates – but how’z’about us? Until then, dear audiolab design team – there’s still room for improvement. Post an ad like this for FREE! Some claim that monos are intrinsically superior to stereo amps or integrateds due to ultimate channel separation, with separate power supplies further vitally relevant to aydiolab peaks.

Audiolab 8000Q Preamplifier Repair

It exists, nicely countering the trend audiolsb off-board just to sell you an extra expensive box. Want to know more? Are you local and in a position to bring her in? But that’s not solely due to amplification.


And that little black box inside shields the remainder aueiolab the circuit from digital radiation. Hi Kyle, no problem and happy to continue the conversation here for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Digital control is under this RFI shield — again, a nice touch. Ultra low noise and distortion. This Audiolab Q Preamp audiilab come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 1 year warranty. Naw, that would bother the cosmetic profile of audiolab’s series whose components are small and functional to put it plain. In exchange, I will recommend you guys to my uncle and his family based in Perth, and also my colleagues based there. The ESR of the new parts was around 0.

The Audiolab Q is a simple, but high quality, remote control pre- amplifier with a wide range of inputs and outputs. The grounding post triggers premature hopes. The Dussun V8i belongs to a similar tonal school it’s tauter in the bass, not quite as clear in the treble but also very neutral overall yet this kind of accurate, deeply layered staging is beyond its ken.

So far, so simple? Naturally, I used premium degree, low ESR parts as replacements. Call us on Alas, call the results clinically antiseptic, unbelievably clean without a mote of dust; a bit hard such that some would grow restless. How about the front panel?

Electric Guitar and amp. The low impedance line amplifier is a miniature class A power amplifier with current mirror bias — which is also ideal for use with long interconnects to auduolab power amplifiers.


This review first appeared in the October issue of fairaudio. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Sadly, I couldn’t confirm these ruminations but I’d be very surprised indeed if the exceptionally neutral audiolab combo and the staging chops of the monos wouldn’t benefit those speakers greatly.

Normal Price R save R ! Aria STG series electric guitar, 8000 Berhinger amplifier included. In this case, I found one definite and one possible fault.

Audiolab Preamplifiers user reviews : out of 5 – 10 reviews –

Now I find silver a bit common and black metrosexual I used to prattle on about black being so 80s. Another view of the replaced parts Share this: Perusing audiolab’s price sheet, I chuckled. All images contained in this review are the property of fairaudio. Note the neat, clean layout with almost zero wiring — very nice. High-sensitivity speakers will benefit from reduced gain, low-output sources from higher gain.

Lighting and Effects Disco Lights. The mechanical design and printed circuit layout are optimized to keep all signal path as short as possible. Others find three boxes. On Lutoslawksi’s Chain 2the violin suddenly fiddles in the speaker’s shadow right behind it. Even during stormy and dense passages, placement precision of instruments doesn’t waver.