ASTM C/CM: Standard Test Method for Infiltration Rate of In Place Pervious Concrete. Standard Test Method for. Infiltration Rate of In Place. Pervious Concrete. ASTM C/CM – 09 Download scientific diagram | Preparation of the infiltration ring for the ASTM C/CM test on PMPC and PA surfaces. from publication: The.

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ASTM C/CM – 17a – Standard Test Method for Infiltration Rate of In Place Pervious Concrete

Abstract Fully permeable pavement is gradually gaining support as an alternative best management practice BMP for stormwater runoff management. Data and experience from Bean, Lia, and Drake confirm that C is suitable for testing the surface infiltration of PICP and Bean extends its use to successfully testing concrete grid pavements. This is likely due to the speed and economy of conducting tests in this manner.

Both tests methods give comparable results. This could eliminate the use of a scale on the test site. Cc1701 Li 11 Estimated H-index: Astrid Volder 17 Estimated H-index: It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

Clogging evaluation of open graded friction course pavements tested under rainfall and heavy vehicle simulators. Help Center Find new research papers in: Inthe U.

Water quality and restoration in a coastal subdivision stormwater pond. The literature demonstrates Chopra and Vancura that permeable pavements can experience a reduction in their surface infiltration rates especially if not maintained with vacuum sweeping.


Prowell 9 Estimated H-index: There was no difference between maintained and unmaintained area surface infiltration aztm, likely due to the newness of the surfaces.

A comparison of thermal performance of different pavement materials.

Along these lines, proposed changes to C include the following: Asgm 2 provides the test data. The ASTM method ASTM C for measuring infiltration rate of in-place pervious concrete provides limited guidance on how to select testing locations, so research is needed astk evaluate how testing sites should be selected and how results should be interpreted to assess surface condition.

An additional single parking row at the northern end of the lot was surfaced with pervious concrete PC-N. As a sister sustainable pavement to pervious concrete, permeable interlocking concrete pavement PICP has seen increased use for stormwater management and low impact development LID.

ASTM C1701/C1701M – 17a

This study was undertaken to compare measured values for both methods in the field on a variety of permeable pavements used in current practice. Other Papers By First Author.

With almost three years c17011 use, maintenance has yet to be required, although infiltration has decreased in areas immediately downgradient of contributing drainage areas and to a greater extent where disturbed soil was present. Masoud Kayhanian 30 Estimated H-index: A bucket or other suitable container s with graduations related to the mass of water could obviate a scale on the site while still providing the mass of water dispensed during the test.

Figure aetm illustrates the apparatus. In addition, changes to C are proposed to include PICP, concrete grid pavements, and porous asphalt for comparative purposes.

Hide Additional Record Data. Infiltration rates were significantly different across each pavement type.

ASTM C currently requires that the mass of infiltrated water be determined so that value can be entered into a formula that calculates the surface infiltration rate. Among those test methods is the single ring infiltrometer described in ASTM C developed to test surface infiltration of 1c701, concrete grid pavements, and pervious concrete.


ASTM C / CM – 17a Standard Test Method for Infiltration Rate of In Place Pervious Concrete

Comparing the two pervious concrete sections, the 0. Research was conducted on three different types of permeable pavement materials pervious concrete, porous asphalt, and permeable interlockng concrete pavers in order to evaluate how testing sites should be selected and how results should be interpreted to assess surface condition.

On both sites, the jointing stones are removed between the joints under the ring and filled with plumbers putty to further direct the water downward. ASTM C test apparatus at a public library parking lot After pre-wetting, ASTM C test method was conducted in April, during the first months of service that resulted in an average infiltration rate wstm 3.

Standard Test Method for Infiltration Rate of In Place Pervious Concrete

Are you looking for Surface infiltration measurements are astmm monthly in both areas with a modified version of ASTM C to characterize the clogging potential of each surface and when cleaning might be required. Understanding from a Laboratory Investigation journal of materials in civil engineering. Randomly selected locations across each area were tested periodically about monthlyand other measurements were made quarterly at fixed locations.