ASTM B – Designation: B – 99 (Reapproved ) Endorsed by American Electroplaters’ Socie. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM B at Engineering International Auto and Engineering Works (IAEW), a year-old company based in Mumbai, follows the (The American Society for Testing and Materials) ASTM.

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Methods of removal of heat-treat or mill scale are not included in these methods, because they are covered in practices referring to speci? Combining these with hand brushing is excellent but does not lend itself to production conditions. Since agitation is important to good cleaning, the power-spray cleaners?

Since hydrogen is evolved on the parts it may penetrate and become occluded in hardened steel parts, causing embrittlement. NOTE 3—Electrocleaning represents a special method of agitation and is considered in Related Suppliers Searching for related suppliers Register or Log in for direct access to additional content. In cathodic cleaning, little or no tarnish or attach of nonferrous metal occurs. For example, efforts should be made to avoid overbuffing, qstm excessive compound on the work, b32 aging of the compound on the part before cleaning.

Anodic electrocleaning solutions have much more tolerance for chromic acid contamination. The organic chelating agents are stable and offer another advantage astn the polyphosphates in that they solubilize light oxide?

It is poor practice to use a common rinse tank for several purposes, such as following a soak cleaner, electrocleaner, and an acid dip. Alkaline chelated derusting and cleaning solutions, alone or with sodium cyanide, used as a soak or electrocleaner, are astm b preferred astm b electroplating on ferrous alloys.


Part II—Intermediate alkaline cleaning. These stages are discussed in three parts: Various metals are electroplated for decorative or engineering finishes. The chemical activity of the metal is an important and determining factor in cleaner selection.

Link to Active This link will always route to the current Astm b version of the standard. This treatment activates the metal v322 is usually accomplished in acid baths which also serve to neutralize the residual alkaline?

ASTM B322 – 99(2014)

This action, plus subsequent acid dip, before electroplating, removes disturbed metal surfaces and promotes better adhesion. This is true of electrocleaners as well as soak or spray cleaners. Often, depending largely on the amount and type of soil on the workpieces as received, one or more of these stages may be eliminated or modi? Because of the speci? Your comments will receive careful awtm at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend.

Surface oil b22 be skimmed frequently, preferably by over? Emulsion cleaners represent a particular problem of bath contamination because of the lack of adequate analytical controls to determine bath life.

Certain precious-metal surfaces, such as gold, may exhibit water break, even though clean.

These stages are discussed in three parts: Detecting Trouble in Speci? This treatment activates the metal and is b322 accomplished in acid baths which also serve to neutralize the residual alkaline film from alkaline cleaning.

Historical Version s adtm view previous versions of standard.


ASTM B – 99() – Standard Guide for Cleaning Metals Prior to Electroplating

Soap-base emulsion cleaners can cause difficulties where acidic soils are introduced; here mixed alkalies and emulsion cleaners can also require water conditioning in hard-water areas to avoid precipitation of hard-water soaps.

Diluted emulsion cleaners usually have? Parts going immediately to electroplating should be free from any objectionable?

Your comments are invited either for revision of this standard or for additional standards and should be addressed to ASTM International Headquarters. For more specific safety precautionary statements see Sections 11 and Cleaners should be discarded periodically because of accumulation of debris, etc. Too high a current density when electrocleaning cathodically will cause electroplating out of dissolved metals and some colloids as a smut.

BGM Fastener Military Manufactured Products |Grade 8 Specifications Sheet

Types of Electrocleaning Most oils and greases and some buffing and drawing compounds are effectively removed and contamination of the electrocleaning bath is lessened. Therefore, other materials must be incorporated with the sodium hydroxide.

Petroleum atsm aromatic solvents of low?

Often, depending largely on the amount and type of soil on the astm b as astm b, one or more of these stages may be eliminated or astj. Lead alloys are rapidly attacked and nickel and silver surfaces become passivated, requiring special activating treatments for subsequent electrodeposits.