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AS — Australian Standard®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 1: Design and construction. Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct You will be required to comply with this standard if you intend to operate a distribution system. A distribution system is a system of pipelines, mains, and gas . Could anyone of you please post the AS standard that’s meant for ” Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Design and construction”??? in which i need to.

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The temperature should consider both operating and transient conditions, including any temperature and pressure limits established by the isolation plan for pipeline depressurization and repressurization. High voltages can arise due to a variety of causes, such as earth potential rise in the vicinity of electrical earthing under fault conditions or due to voltages induced on the pipeline when faults occur on nearby parallel powerlines.

Threat of damage to the environment from operational maintenance 28885.1 abandonment activities shall be identified and control measures developed.

Where the measured hydrostatic test pressure is to be used to confirm a pressure limit, 8285.1 engineering design shall be critically reviewed to determine that all aspects of the design components are suitable for the target pressure limit to be confirmed prior to the hydrostatic pressure test being carried out.

The objective of this Standard is to provide requirements for the design and construction of steel pipelines and associated piping and components that are used 8285.1 transmit single-phase and multi-phase hydrocarbon fluids. These limits and their basis shall be documented in the design basis.

A value of 1. Appropriate management actions may be required to minimize non-failure consequences. The validity of this decision shall be considered at each review of safety management study. The requirements for construction survey are clarified, and a minimum accuracy for asconstructed survey is incorporated.

Australian Standard AS Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum – Design and Construction

Rural includes areas of land with public infrastructure serving the rural use; roads, railways, canals, utility easements. For the selected solution, the assessment shall demonstrate that the cost of the risk reduction measures provided by alternative solutions is grossly disproportionate to the benefit gained from the reduced risk that could result from implementing any of the alternatives.


General requirements Part 1: Guidance on threats is given in Appendix C. For composite material, appropriate requirements shall be established to replace the hydrostatic strength test endpoint provisions of AS Please consult the responsible agency for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required.

In industrial use areas the dominant consideration may be the threats associated with the land use or the societal risk associated with the loss of containment.

As Design and Construction – Free Download PDF

This Standard includes requirements for management of construction safety, electrical safety and environmental impacts. The land use for which the pipeline is designed shall be documented and approved.

Where a pipeline closely parallels a road, railway, powerline or other linear infrastructure consideration shall be given to sign spacing closer than that recommended in Table 4. Where this Standard is used for pipelines constructed with corrosion-resistant alloy or fibreglass pipe, attention is drawn to the requirements of Clause 3.

Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed An analysis of the impacts of construction techniques and design at sensitive locations shall be included in the environmental impact assessment.

Where the limits of the anticipated land use change can reasonably be determined, the pipeline location classes shall be based on the anticipated land use. Residential applies where multiple dwellings exist in proximity to each other and dwellings are served by common public utilities.

Operating pressure limit and flow restriction devices are two effective methods of limiting the maximum discharge rate. For the purpose of this Standard, this shall be achieved by either one of the following: For a new pipeline, SF can be estimated from knowledge of the number of heats required to manufacture the pipe in the pipeline, and from historical knowledge of the toughness distribution in similar strip manufactured by 288.51 steel mill. The break should preferably be at or adjacent to the first valve off the pipeline on the side of the valve remote from the pipeline.


The position and the spacing of valves shall be approved. Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed For pipelines carrying other combustible fluids, 28851 maximum allowable discharge rate shall be determined by the safety management study specified in this Standard. Fittings shall be designed to withstand the pipeline strength test pressure and shall be hydrostatically tested with the pipeline. External interference protection shall be designed in accordance with Clause 5.

For each identified threat, at least 28851 following information shall be recorded: Equipment shall be provided to isolate 8285.1 pipeline or segment of a pipeline from pressure sources that could provide pressure higher than the MAOP of the pipeline or segment. Because higher levels of toughness are 28855.1 to arrest propagating fractures than are required to avoid the initiation of a fracture, the specification of sufficient toughness to control fast fracture propagation will always ensure that the pipe body will be sufficiently tough so that initiation is flow stress controlled rather than toughness-dependent.

As 2885.1-2012 Design and Construction

Please help us to share our service with your friends. Consideration shall be given to providing for remote operation of individual mainline valves to limit the effect of any leak that may affect public safety and the environment. A On an upstream section Because the pressure in the pipeline at the time that the low temperature exists is low, the risk of fracture initiation and propagation of a brittle fracture must be controlled, rather than ductile tearing fracture.

An assessment shall be carried out and the following factors shall be considered: A classification of pipeline fluids for the purpose of the fracture control plan is shown in Figure 4.