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Argonauts of the western Pacific

Giving, as satisfaction of vanity and as display of power. Trobriand traditions and legends about them. I — The definition of an uvalaku ceremonial, competitive expedition.

In the present state of Ethnography, when so much has still to be done in paving the way bronislaa forthcoming research and in fixing its scope, each malinowsoi contribution ought to justify its appearance in several points. The overweening importance of magic.

The Table on the next page will serve as an example of this procedure and help the reader of this book to form an idea of the trustworthiness of any statement he is specially anxious to check.

This conspicuous predominance of magic over religion, at least over the worship of the dead, is a very notable feature in the culture of a people so comparatively high in the scale of savagery as the Trobriand Islanders.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronisław Malinowski

Now in this capacity, their mental states receive a certain stamp, become stereotyped by the institutions in which they live, by the influence of tradition and folk-lore, by the very vehicle of thought, that is by language. II — Method in Ethnography. When I first sailed along this coast, it was after a few months’ residence and field work in the neighbouring district of the Mailu.

In this excluded area, only the natives of Misima enter into the Kula, but their participation will play a very small part only in the following account. His pages have become an almost indispensable link between the knowing of exotic and remote people with theoretical knowledge about humankind. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. These examples are crude, but better ones will be found in the text of this book.


They live in widely scattered communities, each house or group of houses standing in its own little grove of palm and fruit trees, apart from the others. Moreover, if, like a trader or a missionary or an official he enters into active relations with the native, if he has to transform or influence or make use of him, this makes a real, unbiassed, impartial observation impossible, and precludes all-round sincerity, at least in the case of the missionaries and officials.

III — Survey of Kula mythology and its geographical distribution. III — Account of the preparatory rites of kayga’u. The cannibals of the unexplored jungle. However, you should understand that I have never taken even one undergraduate course in Anthropology and had read only one other anthropological or ethnographic monograph prior to reading the Argonauts. A Kabigidoya visit arrives from Vakuta to Kiriwina. Magic and myth and their super-normal atmosphere. IV — The beliefs in dreadful monsters lurking in the sea.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronislaw Malinowski

The method of concrete, statistical documentation is the means through which such an outline has to be given. And, even granted that people usually do feel or think or experience certain psychological states in association with the performance of customary acts, the majority of them surely are not able to formulate these states, to put them into words.

Sojourn in Kitava and return. The subject, method and scope of this enquiry. V — Place where magic is stored in the human anatomy. It promises to be one of the completest and most scientific accounts ever given of a savage people.

But is this possible? A cross country walk. IV — The magical acts: But I may add at once that in studying the Kula in that part, I ipso facto [21] studied its adjacent branches between the Trobriands and the Amphletts, between the Trobriands and Kitava, and between the Trobriands and Dobu; seeing not only the preparations and departures in Boyowa, but also the arrival of the natives from other districts, in fact, following one or two of such expeditions in person [22].


This goal is, briefly, to grasp the native’s point of view, his relation to life, to realise his vision of his world. If the visitor is lucky enough to pass at the time of feasts, trading expeditions, or any other big tribal gathering, many a fine sea-going canoe may be seen approaching the village with the sound of conch shells blowing melodiously.

VI — Sociological analysis of the myths: Indeed, if we remember that these imponderable yet all important facts of actual life are part of the real substance of the social fabric, that in them are spun the innumerable threads which keep together the family, the clan, the village community, the tribe — their significance becomes clear.

Statistical data about the Trobriand shipping. Parties from Kitava arrive in Wawela. Here we find the village.

IV — Vocal technique of reciting a spell. Inadmissability to the native of spontaneous generation in magic. Feb 15, Jenny Reading Envy rated it really liked it Shelves: This district is often called in this book by its native name, Boyowa, and the language is spoken of as Kiriwinian, Kiriwina being the main province of the district, and its aggonauts considered by the natives as a standard speech. Its association with all the vital activities and with the unaccountable aspects of reality.

The three days’ sojurn of the Dobuans in Sinaketa. The accent is almost always on the penultimate, rarely on the anti-penultimate.

The culturally homogeneous tribes of the Southern Massim have been marked off on our map as district V, the Doubans maliniwski district IV. He sees man, so to say, in the round and not pafific the flat. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

The collecting of concrete data over a wide range of facts is thus one of the main points of field method.