The Good The Archos AV has a nice wide-screen LCD with great viewing angles yet is compact enough to fit in a pocket. It supports. Find great deals for Archos AV Gray/Silver (30 GB) Digital Media Player. Shop with confidence on eBay!. That’s the Archos AV 30 GB Mobile Digital Media Player. This exciting media companion offers direct TV recording and the best of home cinema, gaming.

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A limitation of the device at its release was that it wasn’t specifically designed to play back ASP Advanced Simple Profile MP4 files, creating compatibility problems with several files encoded with the popular XviD and DivX compression techniques.

We had trouble playing a few files that we’d managed to accumulate over the years, but anything downloaded from the DivX website or encoded in Dr. Music playback is passable for what is primarily a video device.

Where’s the built-in TV guide for show-based scheduling? In terms of sharpness and low-light performance, video quality on this color CCD camera is decent too. The AV was released on Friday June 10, We’ve changed, we promise.

One bad thing about this is the software it includes to encode video, it’s crappy but i guess it keeps achos price lower. The AV has a mono speaker sitting in the centre and while it will go quite loud, vocals become so distorted at the higher levels that it’s pointless.

The AV is Archos’s fifth PVP with scheduled-recording capabilities, but the company hasn’t made any meaningful improvements. Running the same software as AV, the camera has been removed and a CompactFlash card slot has been built zrchos the product directly.

We wish that the microphone had adjustable sensitivity, but it does have a volume-level meter, so you can see if you’re too loud or not. Also, it doesn’t have an iTunes-like source for video downloads, though it does record video. Review Sections Review Specs. The built-in screen resolution is by Sv500 on the file size, the Archos will load them up within a couple of seconds, and you can aechos zoom in and rotate images on-the-fly.

The AV has an optional triple-life battery pack. We were anxious to try out the AV ‘s main feature, so we jumped right in and hooked the device up to our TV to record some programming. Simply just push play archox watch your favorite videos, TV episodes, and photo slide shows whenever you feel like it. Playback is limited to the AV itself–unlike with other video content, which can be viewed on an external TV–but at least you get to take advantage of the wide screen, something that can’t be said of most recorded TV.


It’s now easy to see the appeal of video on the move — Apple’s iPod now has video capability, which will soon make it the most popular portable achos player in the world by default.

Design — convenient for playing; but would like easier access to volume and setup features related to mp3. Until these services va500 up and smell the iTunes, your best bet for getting movies on to the Archos AV is copying them from av00 DVD player. Any Condition Any Condition. We love the way that it can connect directly up to a digital camera and act as a host, so you can downaload images without having to go through a PC.

I bought this to use as a player. The device itself measures 3.

Show less Show more. Recording is pretty flexible. The D-pad is easy enough to figure out, but what about the two extra buttons in either corner? First, there’s the initial task of integrating the Adchos docking pod with your entertainment system–a complicated endeavor if there’s a cable or satellite box involved.

Archos AV Mobile DVR Specs – CNET

You can also choose from a5v00 different recording levels, although the default middle setting was good enough for us. But as a portable DVR, it’s second to none in its class. The package also includes headphones, although sadly they do not remotely operate the device from the cable.

If one records a arcuos DVD, then one can only play it back on the device. The built-in speaker is fairly powerful and clear enough, but we don’t imagine too many people will use it when they’re on the go.

All accessories and cables are included along with a very nice custom fitted Archos black nylon padded case and headphones. We transferred around 28GB arcyos testing purposes, and while the iPod made short work of navigating such a lot of tunes, the Archos was incredibly lethargic by comparison. Audio performance has never been Archos’ strong point, particularly through its in-built speaker.


Archos has replaced the AV product line with its Generation 4 series. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Also, if you change channels a lot during a recording, the audio sync can fall significantly behind. On the plus side, the battery is removable, so at least you can stock a spare coming soon, price to be determined for long trips. This means that if you’re using the AV primaily for video, you might not fit much music on there.

Had a problem with the video, but that was cleared up by the company. Great size for travelling on commercial airlines. The screen is fantastic, av500 chassis is sleek and the features are plentiful — only the interface disappoints on this gorgeous piece of modern gadgetry Visit manufacturer site for details. The player was criticized for its low battery performance and lack of DRM playback facilities.

Archos AV500 Gray/Silver ( 30 GB ) Digital Media Player

Indeed, the AV is best suited to tech-savvy users who have patience for its manual, VCR-like recording process. We also measured a clean signal at up to 3 clicks below top volume, though if you’re listening any louder than that, you’re probably close to deaf anyway.

We also like the way you can now lock va500 keypad too. I’d rate a high “good” bordering on excellent, but they’d have to be perfect to be excellent.

The included earbuds are adequate, but they are very weak in the bass and really don’t do justice to the AV ‘s impressive audio output capabilities. There’s also a standard USB 2. If you’re in a hurry then it might be better to read it this way: The AV also has excellent battery life and a good printed manual, and with the included plug-in, it will work within iTunes. But does pixel count really matter in a device this small?