Appleseed Target Head Shot | the red coat target the first target fired at days. The ‘Ol Fat Man just got done a weekend Appleseed rifleman clinic. Appleseed Qualification Target | Appleseed yard AQT, size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ Targets | the target sheets it sounds like you picked up some redcoat targets. target. Shoot from any position, three shots at each target. The reduced-size targets keep three out of three on each target, you need to come to an Appleseed.

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February 10, Location: For the 3 rd AQT something odd happened again. This began a struggle for me to keep my concentration up while not losing atrget much time and trying to beat the flinch with proper follow through. From what I read they recommend two rifles Is that for ranges that do have longer than 25 yard targets?

Set up on target, close the eyes, breathe, relax completely, and open the eyes. RF, good to talk with you again! Appleseed teaches a Rifleman to control the “Rifleman’s quarter mile”, or yards.

The way it’s been done at every appleseed I’ve attended is that you only raise your hand once for your best target, even if you missed easier targets. I have an old original 52E, one of the last models they made. OK, not a big deal, recover and move on. Skip the leather one. I took a break for an AQT and kept up with some data book recording, housekeeping, brass recovery my brass was landing nicely next to my nestand dry fire during the course of fire.

  ALI M1535D PDF

I know how you guys are feeling.

Recording Red Coat Target Stats : appleseed

If I try to jerk the trigger when the sights are right I do a poor job of it like anyone else, flinching and everything. You have made us all feel happy for our efforts that weekend. I was setting and resetting my sights by feel and by memory every time, except for Sunday after the brief amount of 25 meter work.

Patton Jr “One can covet success or one can covet being Right, but if he covets both, he will achieve neither” – Stimey Do not fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have war On AQT 3 I scored due to some sloppy hits and only getting 8 rounds off in rapid fire sitting.

Project Appleseed Targets Archives – Targets4Free

It helped me to be able to see how I did on the shoots we redcost go down range and look every firing. The problem is my Winchester My eye sight is not the best, bi-focals so I used a 1. My thing is troubleshooting, analyzing and observing. Of course it could contribute to the flinch…. Also contributing were my general lack of sleep, averaging hours per night, which throws me off a little, and I was behind on my meals and caffeine.

This is just one of many official targets available from the Appleseed Project. Be sharp as a tack and know exactly where you are in terms of the round count and hits on the target. Use an inflatable camping mat or similar pad. Practice this in dry fire first a lot, so you can get some feel for what the rear foot needs to do for windage indexing and maintaining proper elevation.

Have fun, hone your skills, and be safe.


But with yarget maybe more different mechanisms in use, it seems impossible to derive any useful stats from it. He shot awhich was good being his first formal experiance.

Project Appleseed Targets: Official “Redcoat” Target

Breathe while you work the bolt the links will be of assistance if you are too slow with that. Then you can dump rfdcoat in to the mag tube quickly all at once. At least I was fresh and sharp. I’m waiting for my “first time” again with the AR i don’t have yet That takes a lot of practice, not really repetition, but practice. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To score a Rifleman score, each of the 40 hits must average a score of 4.

Instead of shooting groups of three into each target I shot them one at a time and repeated until I had each one shot 3 times. Perfect sight picture, and the reticle goes in a completely apppeseed direction, and the shot broke.

Full Distance Appleseed: Day 2 in Detail

Here is a video for the link challenged: Garand69 42 WSMR How should this be approached mentally in prep period? Be safe, and have fun!

Are there any important, general-purpose not niche-specialized position rifle skills that are NOT tested by these courses? A flinch seems to be a natural response developed via repeated stimulus that can be overcome by proper state of mind, or simply just paying attention to what is going on. Ever hear of a Spee-D-Loader? North Central Illinois Posts: