In Subversive Spinoza, Antonio Negri spells out the philosophical credo that inspired his radical renewal of Marxism and his compelling. Antonio Negri, one of the world’s leading scholars on Baruch Spinoza Politics of Subversion: A Manifesto for the Twenty-First Century; and Negri on Negri: In. Antonio Negri, one of the world’s leading scholars on Baruch Spinoza (– ) and his contemporary legacy, offers a straightforward explanation of the.

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Antonio Negri

Archived from the original on 13 January He further defends his understanding of the philosopher as a proto-postmodernist, or a thinker who spinnoza just now, with the advent of the postmodern, becoming contemporary.

Practical Intelligence and the Virtues Daniel C. Antonio Negri is an independent researcher and writer living in Rome. Anarchism Libertarianism Left-libertarianism Marxism Socialism. Rice – – Philosophy Research Archives As one of the most popular theorists of Autonomismhe has published hugely influential books urging “revolutionary consciousness.

In the early s Negri joined the editorial group of Quaderni Rossia journal that represented the intellectual rebirth of Marxism in Italy outside the realm of the communist party.

Manchester University Press – Subversive Spinoza

Buy Rights to this title. Antonio ” Toni ” Negri born 1 August is an Italian Marxist sociologist and political philosopherbest known for his co-authorship of Empire and secondarily for his work on Spinoza.

While they were holding him, forty-five days after the kidnapping, [8] the Red Brigades called his family on the phone, informing Moro’s wife of her husband’s impending death. Democracy and eternity in Spinoza Postface To conclude: Spinoza and the postmoderns.


Negri was charged with a number of offenses, including leadership of the Red Brigadesmasterminding the kidnapping and murder of the President of the Christian Democratic Party Aldo Moroand plotting to overthrow the government. This analysis is performed in the first chapter, after which chapters two and three focus on multitude and democracy, respectively. Archived from the original on 4 September The choice between capitalism and socialism, they suggest, is all wrong.

Philosophies and tendencies Anarchist tendencies Anarcho-communism Anarcho-pacifism Anarcho-syndicalism Christian anarchism Collectivist anarchism Egoist anarchism Individualist suhversive Insurrectionary anarchism Left-wing market anarchism Magonism Makhnovism Mutualism Participism Platformism Synthesis anarchism.

Subversive Spinoza

Retrieved 28 October Padova’s Public Prosecutor Pietro Calogero accused them of being involved in the political wing of the Red Brigades, and thus behind left-wing terrorism in Italy. We need to identify something entirely different, communism — working within a different set of dimensions.

History of Western Philosophy. Harvard University Press,pg 6. His philosopher peers saw little fault with Negri’s activities. Please help by adding reliable sources.

Subversive Spinoza – Antonio Negri – Google Books

Subversiive the passage from antimodernity to altermodernity, just as tradition and identity are transformed, so too resistance takes on a new meaning, dedicated now to the constitution of alternatives. Love’s Knowledge Martha C. In Subversive Spinoza, Antonio Negri spells out the philosophical credo that inspired his radical renewal of Marxism and his compelling analysis of the modern state and the global economy by means of an inspiring reading of the challenging metaphysics of the seventeenth-century Dutch-Jewish philosopher Spinoza.


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antonoo We are in search of a positive measure of non-work, a measure of our liberation from that disgusting slavery from which the bosses have always profited, and which the official socialist movement has always imposed on us like some sort of title of nobility. Responding to a resurgent interest in Spinoza’s thought and its potential application to contemporary global issues, Negri demonstrates the thinker’s special value to politics, philosophy, and related disciplines.

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This might have been facilitated by his connections to influential politicians such as Raniero Panzieri and philosopher Norberto Bobbiostrongly engaged with the Socialist Party. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Retrieved 12 December This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat Negri’s work is both a return to and an advancement of his initial affirmation of Spinozian thought in The Savage Anomaly.

Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture. While the translation is lucid and elegant, Negri’s analysis is subtle and couched in the philosophical grammar of contemporary Continental philosophy.

For the poet, see Antonio Negri poet.