The search is over: finally you have landed your dream apartment in Berlin, your flatmates are great, you couldn’t ask for a better location and. Bürgeramt 1 (Neu- Hohenschönhausen) Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Straße · Bürgeramt 2 (Lichtenberg) Normannenstr. Bürgeramt 3 (Friedrichsfelde) Tierparkcenter. How to make the quest for an Anmeldung in Berlin a quick and successful one? This post is packed with advice on how to save time at the.

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For example, if you have a 24 months phone contract, but you show the phone provider a deregistration form after 4 months, then they are legally obliged to cancel the contract with you. Best is to ask your way around. You must einwohnermeodeamt register within a reasonable time.

I have a friend who has an internship in Berlin for a few months and he wants to do a proper Anmeldung. So deregistering is very important. You ammeldeformular to wait until after the first day of the move in date, stated on the contract. What could have been the cause of this problem?

Bürgeramt Registration Checklist

If you live at a hostel or in a hotel, you are not required to register. Regarding that, could the person that states in the wohnungsbestatigung that he having a guest over in his house although he does not really get in trouble for that?


Fill out Registration Form in English. It only lasts about 5min and voila! Is this some potential risk dinwohnermeldeamt us?

Book an appointment online. If you don’t have any German-speaking friends, you can hire a relocation consultant to help you. You can only register if you have a proper tenancy agreement. I have a tourist VISA but i plan to start my application for an artist anneldeformular visa. A word about the church tax When you register for the first time in Germany, you will be asked about which religion you are part of. Um mit Disqus berln starten, gehen Sie zu den Einstellungen. After 1 month, my company extended my internship til may end.

I moved to berlin on 5 feb and sub let a room for 3 months as my internship was for 3 months till April. The search is over: Anyone intending to stay in Germany for a longer period of time is required to register their residency. Click below for more info: Hey, thanks for all the helpful info. Hi, Can we stay in Germany after de-registration?

I already have my anmeldung, but stupid me lost the paper. I’m busy working on my blog posts.

Hi, to get the anmeldung, do I need to provide only my passport and my visa at the registation office or do I need also a residence permit? Thanks so much einwhnermeldeamt this blog! Look after it because you will need this piece of paper again and again as you start to open bank accounts, join libraries etc.


However, you must not forget to register.

Anmeldung : the compulsory registration

Yes and yes i think. I am a Non-EU citizen with a blue card who works in Berlin. And now my wife get almendung. I have a question. What do you advice us to do? Hi Krisanov, you need to the anmeldung at your place of your residence, i.

As we told you already in this article, most officials will only speak German or very little English.

How to register your apartment in Berlin: the Anmeldung

We use Google Analytics to know what content works best. If successful, you will be issued with a stamped registration form, or Anmeldungbescheinigung: My boyfriend is moving to Berlin to look for a job, in which case he would need the Anmeldung to be able to work legally. Where can we download this online? Anmeldung form with English annotations PDF. Keep looking at the appointments every 30 minutes — at some point, an appointment will become free.

I have everything I need to register, but the problem is my company.