The latest Tweets from Andre Vltchek (@AndreVltchek). Novelist, philosopher, filmmaker and investigative journalist. Internationalist. Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. His latest books are. Find the latest articles of the writer and filmmaker André Vltchek, author of several essays and novels about imperialism and neocolonialism.

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Imagine the splendid Mekong River, as ahdre […]. I worked in the ‘neighborhood’, too, intensively: It was somehow ‘too much’: How did this come about?

Is this the world that we want? Looking back, I was too young for all this; of course, I was. My father belongs to that old generation of scientists who believed that they lvtchek change and improve the vlrchek. This proud, beautiful and deep part of the world has been plundered, ravished and humiliated for many centuries, first by the Europeans both the Spaniards and Frenchthen by….

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In those days, I thought I was a Communist, but a ‘reformist’ one. Some 9 million Congolese people already died, since the invasion of Rwanda. Subscribe to our newsletter.


I confront it, particularly its brainwashing narrative, on all continents, and in all corners of the world. Southeast Asia is totally different story. But people were conditioned not to see, not to understand what was done to them.

How I became a revolutionary and internationalist: André Vltchek

Why am I telling you this, Binu? Half of my family died during the siege of Leningrad, starved and bombed by German Nazis. You can drive for ten or even twenty kilometers […].

Which country will you prefer to reside post retirement? In many ways, Indonesian culture ceased to exist, and its diversity was killed.

Andre Vltchek | New Eastern Outlook

Of course, Japan has absolutely appalling foreign policy, but I admire its culture, its nature, poetry, literature, cinema, food. Then, andr posthumously, when the truth surfaced, finally. What if protesters in Paris win, and the French government gives in to all their demands? Along the journey, the road, there are millions of stories. Instead, cheap pop, Hollywood films and junk food were injected and promoted.

I believe that his writing on these subject opened eyes of millions of people in all parts of the world. Do we really vltchdk economic growth? Japan mourns your departure, Barack Obama! As you have traveled all around the world, which country do you think adnre doing the best for its citizens?


Eastern Asia – China. I am a fighter. It must be a struggle! And I left, with almost nothing there is no way to save anything in New York, no matter what is your incometo Peru.

How I became a revolutionary and internationalist: André Vltchek

Emboldened first by successfully dividing China and Soviet Union, and vltfhek by ruing Soviet Union under that nitwit Gorbachev and criminal alcoholic Yeltsin, they grabbed again what they lost, shouting “Peace, Peace!

Let us all show solidarity, let us all make change happen. Look at India after it began to worship market fundamentalism. In the West, people in order to feel good, turn off every light when they leave anddre room, they turn off water.

I interpreted, and therefore I was present at close-door meetings.