Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly novel by Amitav Ghosh tells the story of Rajkumar, a poor boy lifted on the tides of political. The Glass Palace: A Novel [Amitav Ghosh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly. The Glass Palace There was only one person in the food-stall who knew exactly what that sound was that was rolling in across the plain, along the silver curve of .

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Ghosh sets the novel in the Bengal region, which straddles modern-day borders of India, Bangladesh, Burma, and Malaysia, demonstrating how the porous nature of these cultures mak The first person I recommended this book to was an English professor, who said she was immediately “transfixed. In this context, Arjun would have to be my favourite character and many a lump-in-the-throat moments are courtesy him. It seems like Ghosh, at some point must have been overwhelmed with his subjective research and could not find symmetry between reality and fantasy.

The Glass Palace – Wikipedia

Look closely at the characters whom Ghosh envisions in the most detail, Rajkumar, Dolly, Uma, Arjun, to name a few. Reading this book the reader knows also more about the Indian National Army and why some Indian soldiers decided to mutiny from the British Army. I feel his pain at the reader’s ignorance, Time to admit that this is not getting finished.

I’d never have finished if I hadn’t been on an eight-hour train ride with little else to do. At times it was like the snapping of dry twigs, sudden and unexpected. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. To ask other readers questions about The Glass Palaceplease sign up. This was an extremely well written book which came about after years of incredible research by the author. I am not going to air kiss and bestow courteous admiring comments as to how the book merges a fascinating piece of history with a gratifying story.

Although I do rate Amitav Ghosh as a writer with great ability to draw characters, this time by the end amittav the book I couldn’t keep straight who was who and what relationship they had to each other.

What claims does Ghosh make about the human spirit in this novel? A bloodline chart with ethic composition or familial bloodline for most of the dozens of characters would have helped too.

There are so many themes in the book! That is the golden word here. From then on, we follow their separate narratives until they intertwine again when Rajkumar, after creating a business empire of sorts, traces the glaxs love he ghoosh known.


Definitely the strongest points of the book are these pages of the country in transition. I liked this book because I didn’t know a lot about the colonisation of Burma, and it was also a real pageturner. Juxtaposed with folk tales, chaos and violence dominate as the twentieth century brings new challenges and hardships. Ratnagiri shows us the various shades of King Thebaw and the love his adopted gpass bestow on him over time, as amitwv as his queen, whose relationship with the local populace, her family and servants, and her own traditions is far from linear.

It charts the lives of three generations of a Burmese-Indian family. The canvass is huge in terms of geography and time over a hundred years and this allows the author to portray the various shades of human struggles and the common human condition very well.

What effect does it have on the book as a whole, on your perception of the characters and their stories? The years of post-independence turmoil in Burma, which Zmitav have never read about, are dismissed in barely a page. Granted, the book covers facets of WWII that I was unfamiliar with in particular, the dilemmas faced by the Indian soldiersand the war was crucial to the end of British colonization in Asia, and these sections are well-written View all 3 comments.

What the book actually is: Smitav it is also the story about the exile of the last Burmese king and his family and their gass in India; it is the story of the British colonisation of Burma but with some hints also to its colonisation in India and Malaysia; it is the story of Rajkumar, an Indian orphan that lives and works in Burma, of his family and several good friends of him and his wife.

People looked around in bewilderment: In the five years it took me to write The Glass Palace I read hundreds of books, glsss, travelogues, gazetteers, articles and notebooks, published and unpublished; I traveled thousands of miles, visiting and re-visiting, so far as possible, all the settings and locations that figure in this palwce A fascinating family drama that never bored.

But you can also see, even this is dense, how much more so the book.

He no longer teaches and is currently writing the next volume of the Ibis Trilogy. What I found mostly remarkable is how the build-up of each character is paced, with often illustrious and heavy detailing during the first and middle part of their stories, smitav their exit from the book is mostly tapered, and seems sometimes even abrupt.

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Anchored securely in time and place, Ghosh’s characters virtually leap off the page. In a very happy coincidence, I was reading this book while on a palade to Malaysia.

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The Glass Palace

Even minor characters like the Collector, Kishan Singh, Saya John offer us plenty of food for thought, and that’s another indication of how richly layered this book is. Dec 09, Renata rated it it was amazing Shelves: He did not care what had happened between her and Arjun; nothing mattered but this—that she loved him and he loved her. Why does society not look upon Imperial soldiers with the same scorn it holds for those soldiers committing atrocities under fascist regimes?

Especially, if the gooey cheese was a blend of Munster, Monterey jack and yellow cheddar; the bread not too soggy but aptly moisten by the beef gravy. But he could have said he was twenty and people would still have believed him, for he was a big, burly boy, taller and broader in the shoulder than many men. Except they were real and the author has taken pains to weave them as the backdrop for the first generation of the Rajkumar family tree.

What I found mostly remarkable is how the build-up of each character is paced, with often illustrious and heavy detailing during the first and middle part of their stories, however their exit from the book is mostly tapered, and seems sometimes even The Glass Palace is indeed history masqueraded as finely crafted fiction, and politics discussed is ever relevant.

Feel as if you have taken part in history by reading this book. Over the course of the novel, the division between conquerors and conquered becomes increasingly hard to distinguish. Heading in this direction. I won’t pretend that I have come away with a deep understanding of the region or it’s history but I certainly appreciate the complexity and brutality of the events that shaped the countries they are today and how difficult it must be living in the shadow of the colonial past.

The Glass Palace is indeed history masqueraded as finely crafted fiction, and politics discussed is ever relevant. Yes, I could make this one off-putting for the 3 star conclusion. Maybe it is an Eastern “War and Peace” and needs to be read several times. In several episodes, Ghosh asks the question, both of his readers and of his characters; can submission to an oppressor, in certain instances, be a sign of strength, rather than weakness? She paused, panting, and looked him over.