Carrom Rules. These rules are taken from the International Carrom Federation all of your pieces, using the heavier ‘striker’, in any of the pockets before your. Following are the shorter version of the rules followed by the Indian Carrom Federation. matches shall be decided on the basis of best of. ICF has many national affiliates such as the All-India Carrom Federation, Australian Carrom Federation, and.

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They are struck by a Striker of standard specification which is larger and heavier. Winner of the toss has the option to choose side or to break. It has gained some popularity in Europe and the United States where it has been introduced by the Indian diaspora.

The winner of the toss may not pass this decision to the other player. Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. Positive or bonus regions, usually small and hard to target, may offer shortcuts, allowing the player idnia relocate the carrom piece to a spot nearer the goal and continue, or providing a stroke count reduction, depending on the rules selected.

The queen shall be common. Following are the shorter version of the rules followed by the Indian Carrom Federation. The Hikone carrom board has larger pockets not unlike those of pichenottethe discs are arranged in a ring also like in pichenotteeach player is given twelve discs instead of nine, and the queen known as the “jack” is pocketed last similar to Eight-ball or Black ball.


The Fedeartion States Carrom Association reports on competitions in the US and Canada and has a player ranking list as of the last tournament. Players will be permitted to seek advice from their coaches during intervened time of two minutes.

The two trial boards are played before a match. Subscribe to Free E-Magazine on Rulez. The remaining space is filled up by placing white and black alternately. Singles in Carrom In singles, the players shall sit opposite to each other. ICF-approved pieces must have a diameter of no more than 3.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carom two minutes rest within playing arena will be allowed between second and third sets games.

Rules of Carrom

If after potting the queen the player fails to cover it rulds, then the queen is returned to the centre of the table. Archived from the original on 22 September Each set game to be decided on the basis of a maximum of 6 boards or 21 points whichever is earlier from 1st round till Final in all categories of events and matches.

The decision of the Since each set has been reduced to 21 points, value of Queen will be credited at all stages of the set irrespective of the score. The organisation also ranks players, sanctions tournaments and presents awards.

In case the winner chooses the break, the loser shall have the right to choose the side or vice versa. Other play-area sizes are not used in tournaments and competitions. However, in the second game the player who did not have his first turn in the first game shall have his first turn. Thumbing is allowed by International Carrom Federation which allows the player to shoot with any finger including the thumb known as “thumbing”, “thumb shot”, or “thumb hit”.


Much of the game feederation the same, but the striker’s weight is reduced and the carrom men are smaller.


It is considered to be one of the oldest sports in the world. As soon as any player places the striker carrkm the surface of the board when it is not his turn or for making an out of turn stroke, the umpire shall immediately declare the foul and the board should not be awarded against that player. Rules of Carrom is universally followed around the world.

Ramesh November 21, at 3: The most expensive boards are made to a high standard with high quality wood and decorations though cheaper boards are available.

From quarter-final onwards, change of side takes place after a player scores 13 points irrespective of the number of boards.