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When AISC was issued, there were five prequalified connections ( Chapter 5 through 9). Since , four additional prequalified. Approved by the AISC Connection Prequalification Review Panel ANSI/AISC , Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment. ANSI/AISC ANSI/AISC s An American National Standard Prequalified Connections for. Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for.

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Beams are shop-welded to forged flange and web fittings collar flange assembly and are fieldbolted together asc forged column fittings collar corner assembly that are shop welded to the columns. The patent holders have filed statements of willingness to grant a license under these rights on reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms and conditions to applicants desiring to obtain such a license.


Steven Hofmeister Gregory H. The 358–10 of connection tests reviewed as the basis for prequalifications contained in this Standard consisted of rolled wide-flange beams connected to the flanges of rolled wide-flange columns. The width shall extend 2 in. Finger Shims The use of finger shims illustrated in Figure 6. One of the interior specimens included a composite floor slab. The following relationship shall be satisfied for the beam bolt shear strength: Built-up Members Built-up members having a doubly symmetric, I-shaped cross section shall meet the following 358-1 If continuity plates are required for column flange flexural yielding, determine the required stiffener force.

If cracks are found, the tooling or forging procedure shall be modified and an additional 12 initial pieces shall be tested. Prohibited Welds at Steel Backing Backing at beam flange-to-column flange joints shall not be welded to the underside of the beam flange, nor shall tack welds be permitted at this location. When checking compression buckling of the flange 38-10, the effective length, KL, may 358-0 taken as 0. The stiffener plates shall be terminated at the beam flange and at the end of the endplate with landings approximately 1 in.

Geschwindner Gary Glenn W. This 3558-10 shall be provided over the full length of the web between weld access holes, and shall conform to the requirements for demand critical welds in the AISC Seismic Provisions and AWS D1.

This calculation shall assume that the moment at the center of the plastic hinge is Mpr and shall consider gravity loads acting on the beams between plastic hinges in accordance with the equation: Limit states that are considered brittle non-ductile and subject to sudden catastrophic failure are typically assigned lower resistance factors than those that exhibit yielding ductile failure.


The section or table number on the right refers to where the symbol is first used. aiisc

These members have not generally been tested in other prequalified connections; however, the conditions of inelastic deformation imposed on the built-up shapes in these other connection types are similar to those tested for the bolted end-plate connections. There are no other specific column requirements for extended end-plate moment connections.

AISC Prequalified Connections [N11] | American Institute of Steel Construction

Calculate the moment expected at the face of the column flange. Collar flange top CFT.

It should be noted that the strong column—weak beam criteria contained in AISC are valid only for planar frames. Probable maximum moment at the plastic hinge. In such cases, acceptable performance can often be obtained by attaching the continuity plate to the column with a pair of minimumsize fillet welds.

Assembled ConXL moment connection. Each ConXL node also contains four collar flange assemblies Figure While it is believed to be accurate, this information should not be used or relied upon for any specific application without competent professional examination and verification of its accuracy, suitability and applicability by a licensed professional engineer, designer or architect. Step 12 checks block shear of the bolt group in the flange plate, and Step 13 checks the flange plate for buckling, when Fpr is in Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications,incl.

Rather, the WUF-W moment connection employs design and detailing features that are intended to permit the connection to achieve SMF performance criteria without fracture. If a beam at the node requires a moment connection, the CFT or CFB is aligned with and shop-welded to the top or bottom flange of the beam.

Beam flange flexural forces in moment beams are transferred to the collar flange assemblies via complete joint penetration CJP groove welds. Beam depth and beam span-to-depth ratio are significant in the inelastic behavior of beam-to-column connections. The column flange thickness shall satisfy the following requirement to eliminate continuity plates: Within a zone extending from 12 in.

Compute the shear force at the beam hinge location at each end of the beam. Prequalification of the WUF-W moment connection is based on the results of two major research and testing programs. These changes do not negatively influence the in-service behavior of uncracked shapes. Rolled Wide-Flange Members Rolled wide-flange members shall conform to the cross section profile limitations sisc to the specific connection in this Standard.


Submittal to Engineer of Record and Authority Having Jurisdiction The following documents shall be submitted to the engineer of record and the authority having jurisdiction, prior to, or with shipment as applicable: Additionally, non-mandatory User Notes are interspersed throughout the Standard to provide concise and practical guidance in the application of the provisions.

By publication of this standard, no position is taken with respect to the validity aosc any claim s or of any patent aissc in connection therewith. These checks are comparable to those used for other prequalified connections. If a beam at ajsc node does not require a moment connection, the size of the CWX remains unchanged and a shear plate connection is shop-welded to the CWX to accommodate a nonmoment beam that does not need to match the nominal depth of the momentconnected beam s.

The purpose of this research program 358-01 to examine alternative doubler plate details, continuity plate requirements, and 35-810 of a weak panel zone. The fundamental seismic behaviors expected with the BFP moment connection include: The shear force at the hinge location, Vh, shall be determined from a free body diagram of the portion of the beam between the plastic hinge locations. The single plate shear connection shall be permitted to be used as backing for the CJP groove weld.

The Cpr value of 1. For bolted end-plate connections, continuity plates shall be provided in accordance with Section 6. Verify that the beam flange force does not exceed the available tensile strength of the bolts at the flange connection.

AISC Prequalified Connections

The opposite face shall also have a steel washer plate. FAI includes visual inspection in accordance with Section A2. The root pass 35810 be backgouged to sound weld metal and back welded.

Check the unstiffened column web crippling strength at the beam compression flange. End-Plate and Bolt Design.