doesn’t has inbuilt ADC. So we have to use external ADC. There are many ADCs. Learn to interface microcontroller with ADC analog to digital converter with sample code in assembly and C language. The project Explains each and every step to interface adc analog to digital converter with (89c51,89c52) microcontroller. Simple example with Free.

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If INTR is low, go to next step else keep checking the status. There is a universal rule to find out how to use an IC.

Interfacing ADC with Microcontroller: Tutorial with Circuit Diagram and Code

micorcontroller Hey Really well written and described. Thanks and more power. The above timing diagrams are from ADC datasheet.

Similarly, for ADC interfacing with microcontroller, we have to define pins on which ADC is connected to microcontroller.

And then ADC reads selected channel and send output to microcontroller. If you have any queries, doubts or feedback on this tutorial please share in our discussion forum. As shown in the typical circuit the chip select pin can be made low if you mucrocontroller not using the microcontroller port for any other peripheral multiplexing.


How to interface ADC0804 using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

Output Data Bits D7-D0. Crystal X1 and capacitors C2,C3 are associated with mcirocontroller clock circuitry of the microcontroller.

To use the internal clock a capacitor and resistor is connected to pin 19 and 4 as shown in the circuit diagram. We can provide it by using oscillator or by using microcontroller.

They are data register and command register. The higher resolution ADC gives smaller step size. And the formula for radiometric conversion is given by:.

This process is repeated after specified intdrfacing. The LM35 is a temperature sensor whose output voltage is linearly proportional to Celsius temperature. Resistors R1 to R8 are current limiting resistors.

In some application it is required to reduce the step size. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. There are two very important registers inside the LCD. After converting the analog data, the ADC stores the result in an internal register. Is it possible to use the code for Proteus Simulation? Awesome, keep it up.

Please help us ASAP as it is required for our academic project. AT89s51 is adf0804 microcontroller used here.

If this is not connected the default reference voltage is 5V. High to low pulse is applied on enable E pin jicrocontroller start command write operation. The circuit uses a resistance of 10k and a capacitor of pF to generate clock for ADC ADC has 8 bit resolution. And by using their ADC register we can interface.


In this project we have interfaced three channels of ADC LM35 sensor produces voltage corresponding to temperature. ADC is connected as shown in the circuit diagram. You need a minimum of 11 pins to interface ADC, eight for data pins and 3 for control pins. The pin out diagram of ADC is shown in the figure below. Vin, which is the input pin, is connected to a preset to provide analog input.

What is a software to create that program? This voltage is converted to digital 0 to by ADC and it is fed to microcontroller. Telephone modem is one of the examples of ADC, which is used for internet, it converts analog data into digital data, so that computer can understand, because computer can only understand Digital data.

The table below shows the comparison of family members.

And like wise for other channels. It also has an internal clock.