Answer, ✴ Summary of “Photograph” by “Shirley Toulson”!! The poem ” Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”. In this poem, poet is. A Photograph by Shirley Toulson This is a poem of remembrance with a rather sad tone. It brings into focus the unstoppable changes ‘time’. Used in Class Mount Carmel School,AN, New Delhi by darKRomeo.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. By presenting the summary of the poem, A Photograph, we at Beamingnotes want to enable our readers to understand the deep significance behind seemingly simple actions and memories, in turn expounding upon human emotions of deep-rooted pain. Gone are these days of the mother and her cousins but the photograph manages to bring back those memories even after thirty years later. This casual remark of the mother that the poet shares with us emboldens the underlying current of nostalgia over things lost to time that binds the whole poem together.

They all have joined their hands to one another. This site uses cookies: It rolls on inexorably destroying, building and devouring the living and the non-living objects on earth.

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Summary for a photograph by shirley toulson

I find personification in the last line. Her mother had a sweet face. And then, like the poet, one has to take resort in nostalgia and fond memories of the past to soothe their hurting self. When we grow older and are made to become mature and serious over time, we often outgrow the youthful care that could once be felt toward small little things like a visit to the beach, and how even such small events were accompanied with efforts to dress up and look the part.


With the laboured ease of loss. The poet sees photograph of his mother in the cardboard which had been taken by his mother’s uncle during the holidays in the beach. The poem is tender because of toulsoon heart-touching manner in which it has expressed nostalgia born of loss to the passage of shirkey and the final rest; the jolting attribute comes from the harsh message it sends across about how humans can never be entirely adept at accepting irreversible separation from a loved one.

And she used to laugh watching this snapshot. I want a free account.

Summary and Analysis of A Photograph by Shirley Toulson – Beaming Notes

Aastha Singh Mall says 2 years ago. Through this A Photograph summary, we hope we have been able to help you understand how Shirley Toulson has tried to keep her mother alive in her memories by taking help of the memories her mother wished to keep alive from her youthful shirlej.


Secondary School English 13 points. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Free help with homework Free help with homework. All of them were radiant and full of hopes.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So, the photograph must be decades old. However, this distance takes on a woeful note once we discover later in the poem that the toulsln has lost her mother.

Notify me of new posts by email. The poem “Photograph” is composed by “Shirley Toulson”.

In this poem, poet is sad toulsoon the sudden demise of his mother. This image helps readers feel the motherly presence that the poet perhaps wished to convey so that she can make the loss of the same more pronounced at the end of the poem.

The poet, Shirley, was not born then. Shobhit Saheb Dey says 3 years ago. As now shirly loss burdens her soul and she is unable to say anything, this loss has even silenced the silences of that photograph! She would chuckle at the way her cousins came dressed to the beach.