Hello to everyone, I took my tranny down from the x5 is, due to jolt gears when hot!, and i am about to order the rebuild kit for it,i. ZF 5HP24 Custom Rebuild Bundle. This Will Include Every Possible Item Needed to Correctly Rebuild and Update Your Transmission. Input Clutch Drum. Find great deals for 5hp24 AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Rebuild Overhaul Kit TA. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I looked at three different documented DIY jobs posted up on the Internet. Visit test point’s homepage! The F drum houses a clutch in the transmission, so no relation rebuold the piston in question.

It has k miles on it, it really did not need a rebuild. I did it, I did it. The clutches looked rebhild, no torn seals, and even the reverse plunger had no chunks taken out of it as seen on other posts. Find all posts by toyhawker. Alsoi see some people talking about a manual,is that the zf 5hp24 repair manual?

Overhaul Kit 5HP24Tranny numbers: Its been sitting on an engine hoist since late last year. Thank you Scott for the post.

The car has done 7, miles 11, km since the rebuild, with no subsequent issues. I am glad you got it right.


Were there any concerns about getting any endfloat within spec.? Oh, I seen this as well: DIS is great, it tells you what to do and what to expect. When I lined up the torque converter and tranny, I did have some problem with the TC binding on the flywheel, but I backed out the tranny and was able to to turn the torque converter, to get it to a point where things seem to fit together with no binding.

5hp24 AUDI BMW VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Rebuild Overhaul Kit T13202A

BTW, Since this old thread was revived, I went ahead and fixed the slide show of the rebuild I did on that first post baxk in – http: With the exception of metal fragments embedded in the frictions in the A clutch, I found no other damage.

Bosanci – East coast supplier, but good peeps My old engine from my iL has a spun rod bearing. I got the kit here: I only replaced all the seals and clutches, that’s it. Find all posts by plums.

I did it – rebuilt a 5hp24 [Archive] – Forums

This was discussed in a few days ago on this forum: I did not think the TC installation was as big a deal as I now read. I did it – rebuilt a 5hp Hello to everyone, I took my tranny down from the x5 4. Thanked 68 Times in 58 Posts. Bosanci – I dust did mine – but had a pro rebuild.


How big is it? Some day I will get to it. When I disassembled the VB to clean and inspect it, I found no scoring of the bore, so elected to remain with the old unit. Done valve jobs, rebuild alternators, typical valley pans and oil separators. Sorry – but just now I did a quick google search on “5hp24 rebuilld and there looks like there are some good ones out there.

Notes from a recent transmission rebuild (ZF 5HP24) – Jaguar Forums – Jaguar Enthusiasts Forum

Also two questions – Did you use any formal guides on the disassembly and examination procedure? Bill The writeup is posted at https: I am willing to take a chance in learning and then helping others. I did fix my first gear slippage problem but it only stays in first gear My 01 XJ8 is just starting to chatter and sometimes jerk when accelerating from a stop.

Fingers crossed, so far I’m v happy with the result.